Lifelong Learner: Sharon Woodlief, Class of 2005

This month we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Sharon Woodlief (M.A. Class of 2005) in our spotlight on alumni.

Sharon Woodlief's interest in lifelong learning began in her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After moving to Santa Barbara to pursue a graduate study program in Political Science she found herself drawn to Psychology.

Sharon researched graduate programs that could provide a course of study that was rigorous yet consistent with her personal philosophy of Social Justice and Experiential Learning. Once she found Antioch University Santa Barbara, Sharon knew she would be on the right course both academically and personally (an added bonus was the University was located around the corner from where she lived downtown).

Woodlief graduated from Antioch University Santa Barbara, in 2005 with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. The photo is of Sharon Woodlief from her graduation from Louisiana State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree. It was significant time for her as it was at that graduation that she confirmed her objective to go to graduate school and ultimately find a path that would allow Sharon to continue to enrich her life as well as to encourage Ms. Woodlief to appreciate the world around her.
When asked about her experience at AUSB, Sharon Woodlief said:

"My classes at Antioch consisted of an array of diverse students, and the class environments were open to allowing all of those hungry and thoughtful scholars to think and challenge one another as well as being encouraged to challenge the brilliant faculty. I felt my knowledge base grow academically because the faculty was prepared to teach with skill and competence. Moreover, I felt my sense of intellect and self-confidence intensify, as I applied theories and ideas not only in my school work but in my community, and even with my family and friends."

Sharon shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"There is so much that I learned at Antioch that I still find myself routinely recalling themes and lessons, and in all manner of circumstances in my life. That is what education at Antioch is: taking what is learned in the classroom and applying what is learned throughout one’s life."

Since graduating from Antioch Santa Barbara in 2005, Woodlief has gone on to earn a Ph.D. in Education from the UCSB, with an emphasis in educational leadership and organizations. Her dissertation research was focused on multicultural awareness education. Sharon worked in Admissions at Fielding Graduate University’s School of Psychology. It was there that she began work with Antioch University Santa Barbara’s current President, Dr. Nancy Leffert
Sharon Woodlief is an Editor at Out of the Woods Publishing, Inc. She has just finished work on editing a novel titled: "The Farmhand" authored by former Louisiana correctional officer David Bruce. Woodlief's role in editing this tale on the psychology of people in the Louisiana prison system was based on her background in Clinical Psychology. Sharon Woodlief states, "When you see this book on the New York Times bestseller list and on the silver screen, you heard about it here first, from an Antioch Grad! I am so honored to have been chosen to participate in this work, and I am excited about what the future holds for me." For more information on this Antioch Alumni please visit her LinkedIn profile at

Antioch Faculty Profile: Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson, Chair of the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MACP) Program

This week we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara Core Faculty Member: Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW (Chair of the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MACP) program in our spotlight on AUSB.

Dr. Wolfson comes to Antioch after heading the Jewish Family Services in Santa Barbara as Director for the past nine years. Wolfson has been teaching for over nineteen years including her time as an instructor at AUSB and New York's Columbia University.

Elizabeth Wolfson has background experience in psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, narrative, and systemic theories. Highlights from her professional career range from creating an innovative intervention program for youth who are at risk with Holocaust survivors to work on issues of diversity and violence among youths to being one of the creators of Santa Barbara Village, a community-based membership organization focused on empowering older adults to live happily, healthfully, and successfully in their own homes as they age. 

Elizabeth received her PhD in Clinical Social Work from New York University School of Social Work. In addition to teaching and overseeing the traineeship of students in the MA in Clinical Psychology Program, Dr. Wolfson operates a private practice of psychotherapy in Santa Barbara. 

Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson answers the question "How is the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MACP) Program designed to set students up for success in the professional field?":

"We are an expanding yet relatively small program so that that the unique interests and needs of each one of our students is attended to by faculty and staff. Our class sizes remain small and our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable professionals most of whom are currently practicing in their fields. This means that what is current in professional practice is brought directly into the classroom along with live case material and extensive knowledge of the settings in which students themselves are placed for their learning. The academic program itself is carefully designed to prepare students for California state licensure as Marriage and Family Therapists so that, we have an impressive success rate for our graduates. Finally, because of our stellar reputation in the community, Antioch graduates are welcomed into community agencies and tend to be hired as clinicians who eventually grow their career paths as supervisors and managers as well as private practitioners."

When asked,"What do you think is the difference between Antioch University Santa Barbara and other universities?" Dr. Wolfson said:

"In addition to Antioch's standards for excellence and dedicated focus on supporting students' success, I see some essential differences between Antioch Santa Barbara and other universities which are the reasons I am proud to be affiliated with Antioch. Foremost among these is AUSB's commitment to social justice, not just in theory, but in the practice of embracing diversity, inclusivity and multiculturalism in all aspects of what happens here. Related to this, is the Antioch's rootedness within the community which sets it apart from other "Academic" institutions. This is reflected in ongoing collaborations with community organizations, educational programs reflective of the needs of our community and where students and alumni are significantly represented as professionals in organizations throughout the community. Finally, our commitment to a small group experiential education model, which we all know has been demonstrated to be the most effective means of learning,  provides a unique and memorable experience for our students."

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Elizabeth shares this message to prospective students looking to claim their education at AUSB:

"The opportunity to study at AUSB is a rare educational experience unlike any other. You would be most fortunate to have that opportunity for all of the reasons described above."

To learn more about Antioch's MA in Clinical Psychology Program and Academic Programs visit:

Antioch Alumni Graduates and Organizational Professionals – Steve and Sara Caputo

Today we feature not one but two Antioch University Santa Barbara graduates – Steve and Sara Caputo! The couple met while attending AUSB in pursuit of their Master’s Degrees through our Academic Programs.

Steve Caputo, Class of 1997 graduated with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. Since his graduation Steve has been on the adjunct teaching faculty of Antioch Santa Barbara. He is known for engaging his students in experiential learning and drawing from his own professional experience. Steve is a dynamic and creative management professional with over twenty five years of experience in organizational management, corporate training, team building, and facilitation. He calls his style of training methodology, “entertrainment” (a combination of training and entertainment).

Mr. Caputo currently holds the position of Manager of Organizational Development for Cottage Health System (Cottage Hospital). Of his position at Cottage Steve said, “I feel like I get the opportunity to not just make a difference in the organization but within the community every day.”

Owner of Radiant Organizing and established productivity coach, Sara Caputo (who was recently profiled on the AUSB blog) received her M.A. in Organizational Psychology in 2003. Sara published her first book this year, “The Productivity Puzzle: What’s Your Missing Piece?”. Mrs. Caputo uses the book in her employee trainings which helps guide the clientele toward creating workflow systems and building on strengths. Sara assists a wide spectrum of organizations and people, including large corporations, non-profit groups, small businesses, independent contractors, educational institutions, financial advisors, and residential clients. Her consulting work ranges from speaking seminars, to time management and priority setting trainings. Sara Caputo also contributes a column in the Santa Barbara News-Press called the Productivity Corner.

Steve and Sara live in Santa Barbara and are actively involved in the community. The couples greatest creation are their two sons, Benjamin (3.5 years old) and Zack (6 months old).

When asked about their decision to attend Antioch University Santa Barbara, The Caputo’s said:

Steve, “I wanted to make a change from finance & accounting to organizational development. I looked at many different programs and chose Antioch because of the program flexibility and content.”

Sara, “I had heard about Antioch from many people in the community when I started thinking about getting my masters degree, so I toured it, met with a few professors to assess whether it was right for me and immediately loved the feel of it, so I enrolled. Steve was a friend at the time and really encouraged me to go to Antioch, so this was and continues to be a really nice common bond that we share in our life.”

Steve and Sara share how their AUSB education has helped them with career and life goals:

Sara, “Antioch helped me to grow up in a way that I didn’t recognize that I needed at the time, but looking back now I know it was where I was meant to be on many levels. The care of the instructors, the personal relationships developed and the ability to create my own path and forge ahead into the next level of my life was integral.”

Steve, “I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing had it not been for stopping what I was doing and starting something new.  An important practice in my life is meditation and journaling, which I try to do daily. Before Sara and I got married I took a solo camping trip and brought my stack of journals to read. As I was reading through countless entries I found one that was written about 2 years before I went to Antioch that said, “Today I talked to someone that is doing what I want to do…he teaches at a university and does organizational development for an organization” as I read it I thought to myself…“Wow – that’s exactly what I am doing!” So I tell people – be careful of what you dream…because you will get it.”

The Caputo’s shares this message to prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

Sara, “Come ready to “claim your education”! As with anything you will get out of it what you put in. I put a lot into my education and still hold the professors, the classes, the high level people that I met along the way near and dear to my heart.”

Steve, “I would agree with what Sara said and add that one of the greatest things about Antioch is that it allows you to have flexibility within the structure. So create your own path…one that fits and works for you. Don’t limit yourself to what is in the course catalogue; create your own path within the boundaries.”

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For more information on Steve Caputo, M.A. visit To find Sara Caputo, M.A. Radiant Organizing on the web go to and (e-Book).

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Antioch Graduate Tamie Beeman-Gangloff Facilitates Healing as an Eating Disorder Specialist

Tamie Beeman-Gangloff, M.A. in Clinical Psychology Class of 2009, often refers to herself as “The Wounded Healer” after having overcome her own battles with an eating disorder. Tamie’s approach in helping others recover is eclectic, one that includes work on relationship and personality issues, cognitive behavior, and feminist perspective.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 2009 Graduate received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Since her graduation, Tamie has been working with men, women and adolescents in treatment for severe eating disorders in an inpatient and outpatient level. Tamie Beeman-Gangloff  also has experience in treating clients with substance abuse, sexual identity issues, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

As a “recovered professional”, who leads her practice in Pennsylvania, Ms. Beeman-Gangloff has facilitated many scale bashing events. These events inspires clients to do away with the negativity associated with the numbers on the bathroom scale. Tamie ensures a safe environment where clients can began the healing process through discussion and action. Women bring in clothing articles and even food scales. Hammers are provided for the bashing!

When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Tamie Beeman-Gangloff said:

“I chose Antioch because of the small classroom environment and the focus on the experiential process. Antioch focuses on what is important – the true experience with the client – face to face, learning the detailed skills that you cannot learn from a book. We didn’t focus on memorizing material for tests, but we were pushed to the limit to study cases and come up with the best treatment for our clients. The education was also of a very personal nature – forcing us to look inward and to rediscover ourselves. Of course, it is a requirement to attend therapy while in the program, however – with each new class and subject, I started to look more at myself and began to grow and change more personally and professionally. The teachers at Antioch helped to provide a safe environment for learning and self-exploration.”

Read more about the Antioch Santa Barbara Difference.

Tamie shares this message of her own self-growth for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

“I was referred to as a wounded healer due to my own personal recovery and experiences. As you can see from my website – this is an identity I have grown into. In school, we learn that self-disclosure is to be very limited and focused on what will help the client. I do this but in a more personal way. All of my clients know that I am in recovery – I feel that this helps us to connect and relate to one another on a level that could not otherwise be facilitated. My own pain and healing has become one of my tools for helping others.”

Tamie Beeman-Gangloff, M.A., provides individual, group and family therapy. Her treatment is very individualized for each client. For more information on this Antioch Alumni please visit


Antioch University Receives Top Honor for Community Service

USA Today has named Antioch University one of the “Top 20 Colleges Most Committed to Community Service,” the second such major honor the college has received this year.

USA Today, the second largest circulation newspaper in the nation, cited Antioch in a July 2011 report it released on its web site in partnership with OnlineColleges, a leading internet education service. The report highlighted Antioch University’s service projects locally, around the country, and throughout the world, calling it “one of the more inspiring schools” in the U.S. for its community activities.
The honor follows the national recognition Antioch University received in May 2011, when the college was admitted to the 2010 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with distinction, for the strong institutional commitment and support of its campuses for volunteerism, service learning and community partnerships that produce measurable results.
Dr. Nancy Leffert, President of Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB), said she was proud of the honors because they reflect the emphasis the institution places on community service as a core element of its educational philosophy.

“Civic engagement is a key component of our educational values and deeply-held philosophy,” said Dr. Leffert. “We teach our students the importance of service learning in the classroom and the community. Being recognized as an educational institution for our service commitment is especially meaningful to us.”

Locally, Antioch University Santa Barbara collaborates with non-profit organizations, community programs and businesses, including the Fund for Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, around the region’s issues of importance. Students connect with community groups and leaders through service learning that includes internships, practica and independent studies, plus a social justice film series and a lecture series on environmental issues. Antioch is one of the few universities in the U.S. to award academic credit for learning gained outside of the classroom.
AUSB has offered quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs locally for 34 years. All AUSB students are required to participate in community service, serving locally on average one year in schools and more than 100 social service agencies and non-profit organizations. Experiential learning opportunities are created both in the classroom as well as in the community through internships, practica, and independent studies. AUSB is also one of the growing number of universities in the U.S. to award academic credit for prior learning gained outside of the classroom, earned for example in the military, corporate training and other non-classroom settings.
Antioch University serves more than 4,000 adult students around the world and across the country, online and at its five campuses in four states. Each campus offers degree programs that meet—and often anticipate—the pressing needs of its region and the wider world. The University is also home to the landmark PhD in Leadership and Change; Antioch Education Abroad, an exceptional opportunity of immersive service and study programs; and WYSO, a leading public radio affiliate and an essential source of global news and opinion.
AUSB is particularly distinguished with its unique undergraduate degree completion program in liberal studies and graduate master’s and doctoral programs in clinical psychology and education that integrate students’ academic experience and experiential learning. Additionally, students in all of AUSB’s programs can specialize in relevant and applied specialized concentrations. OnlineColleges offers features, news items and trivia about college traditions, campus life, and practical tips for thriving at school. Corporation for National and Community Service, which administers the presidential Honor Roll, admitted colleges and universities on the basis of their impact on issues from literacy and neighborhood revitalization to supporting at risk youth. “Congratulations to Antioch University and its students for their dedication to service and commitment to improving their local communities,” said Patrick A. Corvington, Chief Executive Officer of CNCS. “We salute all the Honor Roll awardees for embracing their civic mission and providing opportunities for their students to tackle tough national challenges through service.”

Featured AUSB Graduate Conrad Torres is a Career and Life Coach

Conrad Torres believes in living life to the fullest and staying healthy both physically and mentally. His passion is to help others reach full potential in their professional and personal lives.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate received his Master's Degree in Organizational Management in 2008. Conrad serves the local community with his work as the founder of TLC (Total Life Coaching). Conrad Torres specializes in career and life renewal coaching. Directing professional and personal potential, Conrad aids people of all ages in filling their lives and businesses full of purpose and passion. He draws on his counseling and organizational management experience to help clients find and clarifying their current life purpose and vision, then taking what is identified and make it a reality through a structured process of resourceful discovery.
When asked about his experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Conrad Torres said:
"I chose Antioch for a number of reasons. I actually had a very polished academic record throughout my schooling and could have gone to almost any University of my choosing, but after visiting several different campuses, I couldn't compare them to the feeling I felt while visiting the Antioch campus. First off, it wasn't a HUGE campus, where you needed a road map to find every building."

"It was personal, quiet, manageable and more importantly, I didn't feel like a small ant lost in a maze, but more like an elephant walking amongst the herd. That feeling was my assurance that I could learn as much as possible if I put in the effort. The sky was the limit at this University and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity."

"I can still recall the first day of orientation meeting my new classmates one by one as they arrived on campus. I do admit I was a little nervous at first, but as I got to know each and every one of them, I felt a sense of calm, like I had known my fellow cohorts since childhood. From that first day, I was part of a family and have remained a part of that family ever since."
Conrad shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:
"It's been several of years since I graduated from Antioch and I still find myself going back to visit the faculty and staff from time to time."

"I am always recommending the University to friends and family members who are interested in continuing their education. All of my friends and family know that I not only received my B.A. from Antioch, but also my M.A. I learned so much and had the opportunity to interact act with so many people from all walks of life during my B.A. program, that there was no question in my mind about where to go for my graduate degree. Even after a two year break from receiving my B.A., I still felt Antioch was the one and only choice for me."

"As I'm sitting here, I am reminiscing about all the fun I had while obtaining both of my degrees. It was truly an experience like no other. As human beings, we are constantly evolving by learning new ways of doing things and that's exactly what Antioch challenges you to do. The professors don’t just go through the so-called “motions,” they challenge you to think outside of the box. They give you the necessary tools to not only better yourself, but also those around you and because of that, I feel the Antioch experience rivals even the most prestigious Universities." 


AUSB Alumna Kandace Overgaag Shines as Self Confidence Counselor

Kandace Overgaag, M.A. in Clinical Psychology Class of 2008, is known as The Sorority Therapist and believes everyone can "learn to love the skin you're in!"

Kandace has a special way of encouraging young women to feel more confident about who they are inside and out.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 2008 graduate received her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. Since her graduation, Kandace has been a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern specializing in individual psychotherapy, and is currently practicing under the supervision of Shannon Miles, MFT. As a therapist, Kandace has helped young people to live happier, more fulfilling lives. She believes that therapy is a positive, growth-oriented process.  Kandace works with patients on a variety of life's challenges including self-esteem issues.

As an adolescent Kandace Overgaag knew that she wanted to work with people. She always liked public speaking, communication and learning new things. Naturally the field of Mental Health was a perfect fit. Kandace's work with sororities is a large portion of who she serves in her private practice. She also does a significant amount of volunteer work in the group setting, specifically during Eating Disorder Awareness month every February. Every session is tailored to the needs of the participants, and may include topics including transitions, coping skills, communication techniques, assertiveness, self-esteem and relationship issues. Overgaag really enjoys her work with young women in the sororities as well as students from SBCC and UCSB.

Mrs. Overgaag has presented at national conferences and to general audiences on topics including learning disabilities in children and adults, promoting self-esteem, and disordered eating. She teaches classes for Carp Cares for Youth during the Summer and is studying for her licensure exams with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Kandace currently resides in Santa Barbara and enjoys the sense of community and the small town feel that this area is best known for. She has two puppies and was recently married to her wonderful husband. They both enjoy traveling and visited Japan, Mexico and Italy together last year.

When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Kandace Overgaag said:

"The University focused on the clinical experience piece, which was really important to me. I knew my ultimate goal was to be self-employed in a private practice. The professors encouraged me to explore traineeship sites and obtain the experience that I needed for my specific goal. Small class sizes helped with the one on one instruction each of us needed, as we all had different goals after graduate school. Not to mention, Antioch University is conveniently located in Santa Barbara, the most beautiful town in the world."

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Kandace shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Grad school is a life changing experience. Regardless of your age, this is a time where you will grow as a person and discover who you are going to be for the rest of your life. The Clinical Psychology program at Antioch University is a unique and fascinating method to earn the degree of a lifetime and meet some fascinating people along the way."

Kandace Overgaag, MA, MFT Intern provides individual, couples, group and family counseling. For more information on this Antioch Alumni please visit

AUSB Graduate David Sigman Shares the Good Life as a Hospitality Expert

David Sigman uses his "Antioch experience" to create the perfect Santa Barbara fine dining experience at world class establishments.

David moved to Santa Barbara to complete his Masters Degree in Organizational Management at Antioch University.

During his time at Antioch, David worked as a server and floor manager at Bouchon in Santa Barbara. His incredible experience at Bouchon, in combination with his education at Antioch, solidified his passion for the hospitality industry. David looked to fully immerse himself in the hospitality industry with an emphasis on fine dining establishments.

Upon graduating, he began working at the Bacara Resort and Spa as a Manager in the Bistro and then transferred to Meetings and Events to expand his knowledge and experience. David has over 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and a true passion for pleasing the guest. David's goal is to provide a warm, memorable and unique dining experience.

When asked about his experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, David Sigman said:

"I decided on Antioch Santa Barbara for a variety reasons. The reputation of having outstanding professors, smaller more intimate class room settings and a balance of cultural diversity with the students were essential to me. The location also was involved in my decision on Antioch Santa Barbara, it is a wonderful environment to live and learn in and being a part of the community."

Read more about the Antioch Santa Barbara Difference.

David shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Going to AUSB was by far one of the best decisions I made for my career, personal growth and quality of life. I would highly recommend AUSB for any students looking for a amazing professors, flexible class schedule and a top notch education. Thank you Antioch!"

Mr. Sigman is married and lives in Santa Barbara. He currently is the General Manager at the Wine Cask, a local favorite restaurant with an acclaimed menu and wine list. The Wine Cask is located in the historic El Paseo complex. For more information on David Sigman visit his profile at

Antioch Graduate Sara Caputo is a Radiant Organizer and Productivity Guru

Sara CaputoThis week we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Sara Caputo (MA Class of 2003), a productivity coach, professional organizer, author, and speaker, in our spotlight on alumni.

Sara Caputo really understands the meaning of “less is more” as she helps people face the challenges that disorganization creates in one’s personal and professional life.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate received her Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Psychology (Business Psychology). Near the end of completing the program Sara Caputo started down the path of productivity and organization for businesses and individuals. For her Masters thesis project, Caputo researched how clutter interruptions and emotional intelligence affect our productivity levels at work.

After graduating from AUSB in 2003 Sara established herself locally as a dynamic productivity coach, consultant, and trainer. As the Owner of Radiant Organizing, Sara teaches clients in their workplace and home how to create more space in their lives for the things they value. Caputo has helped increase daily effectiveness and profitability for numerous Santa Barbara area businesses – including large corporations, non-profit groups, small businesses and residential clients.

Part of Sara's professional successes is the recent publication of her first book, The Productivity Puzzle, a practical and applicable read that is packed with time saving tools and resources. Sara wrote this e-book with the different individuals she helps in mind; employee, manager, stay-at-home-mom, CEO, or student. Sara breaks the guide into four pieces of the productivity puzzle, the very foundation of organizational success she teaches in her trainings.

Mrs. Caputo is an active member of NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers as well as an adjunct faculty member of Santa Barbara City College, a trainer for The Employees University, County of Santa Barbara and a Course leader and Coach at She Negotiates University. Sara volunteers her time to various community organizations and is on the board of the Community Counseling & Education Center.

When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Sara Caputo said:

"I was unclear as to what I really wanted to do and which direction to go after leaving a career that I had just put time and energy into. I knew that I wanted to one day own a business and work for myself and felt that the path I would take at Antioch towards getting my masters would help me find answers. I loved their class structure and it just felt "right". I am so proud to call Antioch University my alma mater and feel so fortunate to have been able to claim my education through the process."

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Sara shares this message to prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"I LOVED my Antioch experience. It truly is a highlight in my life. I loved the class structure, the hands-on learning atmosphere, the out of the box thinking minds and of course the instructors, which were real-time, real-life members of the working community. I also was able to participate in the study abroad trips, both as a student and as an alumni and then as Steve's wife (who ran the trips), so that was far and away the best part – learning from others in a global and international way."

Sara Caputo, MA is a dynamic productivity coach, consultant, trainer and author. She is the founder of Radiant Organizing, a company that helps businesses and their employees create organizational solutions through productivity teaching, training and learning. For more information, please visit  Her new e-book can be found at or in the Kindle Edition at

AUSB Graduate Nels Henderson Masters the Art and Science of Web Design

Nels Henderson Nels Henderson knows how to blend the art of web design with the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of website technology.

Nels is known both online and offline for his charismatic spirit and eye for detail. 

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 1998 graduate received his Master's Degree in Organizational Management allowing Nels to better serve the community in both his consulting work and as an adjunct faculty member in AUSB's master's degree program where he taught management and communication related courses. Currently Nels is a Marketing Project Manager for Citrix Online and manages website optimization for GoToMyPC. Nels has been a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant for over 18 years.

Mr. Henderson was an aide to the former Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum, former County Supervisor Gloria Ochoa, State Senator Gary K. Hart and the late Rep. Walter Capps. He has consulted with numerous local clients including Earl Warren Showgrounds, State Street Ballet, CALM, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, and the California Coast Venture Forum.

Part of Nels' professional successes has been his leadership positions for non-profit boards of directors and political organizations in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. In 1990, Nels was the youngest elected chair of a political party county central committee in the State of California. He has served as President of the Board of Directors for Sarah House, Citizens Planning Association and Citizens Planning Foundation.

Nels is married to Alexis Henderson and they are parents to five year old Hannah. In his spare time, Nels enjoys cooking, playing soccer and taking photographs.

When asked about his experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Nels Henderson said:

"I chose Antioch University because of the flexibility it gave me in terms of my schedule as a working student while still offering a challenging educational experience. I believed in the model so much that I jumped at the chance to become an adjunct faculty member and taught classes for over a decade following my degree."

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Nels shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Central to the Antioch experience is "praxis" which is to be truly engaged in the idea, concept and meaning of what you are studying. This method of learning makes sure that what you are studying has a direct application to your daily life."

Nels Henderson is a SEO, Online Advertising and Social Media Consultant. He is a skilled freelance graphic designer and has been creating design and print work for over 18 years. For more information on Nels or to view his online portfolio, please visit

Featured AUSB Graduate Lorrie Thomas Ross is a Wild Web Woman

Lorrie Thomas RossWe turn our spotlight on Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Lorrie Thomas Ross, The Marketing Therapist® – B.A. Class of 2003 and M.A. Class of 2008.

Lorrie Thomas Ross loves helping business professionals take full advantage of everything the world wide web has to offer.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate put the power of her Antioch education to work by focusing her career on what she loves – web marketing! Her work as the head of a marketing agency, educator, author and speaker all ties into the wild web marketing world including: marketing strategy, branding, website optimization, search engine optimization, social media, and mobile, viral, and content marketing.

Lorrie is the CEO and Founder of Web Marketing Therapy, a full-service marketing agency launched in 2009. The agency is like a modern-day version of Mad Men – but this time it's not located on Madison Avenue or run by men. With her team of "Wild Web Women®" the she-geeky "marketing think-tank" of marketing strategics, social media gurus, account managers, creative copywriters, online advertising pros, web designers, and analysts. The Web Marketing Therapy team occupies a "virtual office space" throughout Santa Barbara County and beyond (Georgia, Oregon and London!). Her company donates 1% of their gross annual sales to 1% for the Planet to support environmental and health research.

Ross had the honor of speaking at AUSB’s 2011 Commencement ceremony, sharing her appreciation for the “Antioch experience.” When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Lorrie Thomas Ross said:

"I chose Antioch because I wanted a more personal educational experience. I wanted to have access to my professors (not just a TA) and be a person, not a number in the classroom. Also, as a working professional, I loved the flexible hours and the accelerated degree program. The educational philosophy and approach was very much in line with my personal and professional values – I knew AUSB would be an investment that would last me my life!"

Read more about the Antioch Santa Barbara Difference.

In her trademark speaking style, Ross disseminates this positive message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Students need to know that choosing where they go to school is more than a brand name. It is about getting a quality education which sets the foundation for personal and professional success. I am who I am because of the educational experience I claimed at AUSB, both in my BA program (Major emphasis in Communications) and my Master's."

"I learned so much that has helped me achieve my goals. The experience is that you actually have an EXPERIENCE, it's not a degree mill, it's an amazing educational institution. AUSB is more than a school – it is a community that teaches you how to think. Honestly, I probably would have never finished my BA or MA if AUSB didn't exist, there was no other school out there that met my needs like they did."

Part of Lorrie's professional successes is the recent publication of her first book, The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing, written as a learning guide with an entire semester's worth of wisdom, insight, and know-how on web marketing. With Ross' decade plus of online marketing and teaching expertise, readers are able to learn in easy terms how to communicate socially on a multitude of platforms to build credibility, visibility and sellability. These three points are the foundation for success on which Ross has based her marketing expertise.

Mrs. Ross' personal accomplishments include being nominated for the National Association of Women Business Owners "Spirit of Entrepreneurialism" awards for 2011. She also was featured in the "Who's Who in Advertising, Marketing & PR section of The Pacific Coast Business Times this Spring.

Ross teaches at UC Berkeley Extension and privately for corporations. She taught at UCSB Extension from 2005 to 2009. The USCB classes she taught for years are now taught by her Web Marketing Therapy teammate Nicki Gauthier. Ross's work has inspired and guided small business owners, entrepreneurs, and students, which illustrates her impact as an influential figure on the national marketing scene.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA, The Marketing Therapist®, is a marketing strategist, educator, writer, web marketing expert and speaker. She is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a boutique marketing agency and training company that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. For more information, please visit: Her book can be found at Amazon at

The Antioch University Santa Barbara Difference

Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) has gone through healthy transformations to best serve our students and community.

AUSB New CampusWe have welcomed new faculty members, inaugurated our new President Dr. Nancy Leffert and are currently moving into our new campus located in downtown Santa Barbara. Our quarterly alumni magazine called "Transformations" has even gone digital!

AUSB's Academic Programs have also received attention as we've added new Major Concentrations offered under our Bachelors of Arts and Masters in Clinical Psychology degree programs. With all of this change going on, people have been asking:

"What is what is the difference between Antioch Santa Barbara and other universities?"

Antioch Santa Barbara's difference was clearly defined by Dr. Nancy Leffert at her inauguration. The theme of ACCESS, ENGAGE and COLLABORATE defines and guides the experience we help our students claim personally, professionally and academically.

ACCESS: A Higher Education, your Community and a Flexible Schedule

We set ourselves apart from other universities with a more cost-effective, solid foundation for learning. Students at AUSB have found they can complete their bachelor's degree in just one year. Our bridge transfer program makes your time at community college count. Our curriculum offers students of any age a flexible academic program that can adapt to your needs. Whether a full-time student or a working professional, each student's program incorporates a mixture of learning formats that include a variety of classes, workshops, seminars – as well as working in the community through internships.

We like to say you get a well-rounded higher education with the time spent at AUSB. You'll be connected to the community in Santa Barbara with our new location. Our new campus located at Cota and Anacapa Streets is in the heart of the city and within walking distance to State Street's restaurants, boutiques and galleries. This area is convenient for residents and commuters alike.

ENGAGE: In Experiential Learning

We set ourselves apart with small, highly interactive classes focused on learning that lasts a lifetime. As a student working towards a career goal, you'll find that these engaging classroom dynamics open up more opportunity for 'hands on' skills that prep you in real world situations. AUSB recognizes that there are many ways to learn. We encourage non-classroom activities such as independent studies, volunteer work and personal experiences to help draw from all areas of learning to build your academic foundation.

COLLABORATE: With an Attentive Faculty and Diverse Student Body

As a student you will work closely with our teaching Faculty who are also professionals in their fields. Our faculty inspires passion and a creative learning environment. Our feedback has always been how individuals have grown both intellectually and personally from the mentoring they have received. Our student body truly reflects AUSB's core principles and beliefs by representing a wide diversity in gender, ethnicity, age, class, sexual orientation, and professional background. Your classmates will be an important part of your learning experience at Antioch Santa Barbara. Because we have small classes and interactive teaching – you will build relationships with your peers and faculty that will last after graduation and form your professional network.

Learn How Antioch University Can Help You Move Your Life Forward, Build Your Career, and Change Your World

RSVP TODAY: You are invited to our Bachelor of Arts program Open House on Monday, June 13, 5:30 – 8:30pm. Learn more and reserve your spot. Learn more about all of AUSB's academic programs by attending Information Session, or contact admissions and have a representative answer your questions. We're happy to help!

Explore our website to learn more about our academic programs. Come to an academic program information session, and get to know AUSB. We love to get social with our friends, family and alumni on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. (links)