Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, Alumni: Jennifer Van Homer, Class of 2003

This month we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Jennifer Van Homer (B.A. Class of 2003) in our spotlight on alumni.

Jennifer Van Homer, BS, MSC, CHIC firmly believes that excellence in leadership is crucial in order to address organizational challenges and create sustainable change. Jennifer works with leaders and organizations to increase their personal and professional effectiveness by bringing their actions into alignment with their most important commitments and goals.

One of Jennifer's goals was making time to complete her Bachelor's Degree. She entered Antioch University Santa Barbara in 2000, working as a full-time professional with two children as well. It was at Antioch that Van Homer gained the knowledge and experience of working with others that led her to her current position as a Master Somatic coach, trainer and organizational consultant. She uses sound principles and practices of adult development and somatic awareness.

Van Homer graduated from Antioch University Santa Barbara, in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Business. Her interest in the well being of young people led her to co-create a leadership program for youth at the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, California. In addition to being a Master Somatic Coach she is also a certified Hudson Institute Coach.

Jennifer is a sought after leadership coach, author and speaker. Before becoming a coach she worked extensively in Human Resources Leadership, including ten years at Patagonia, a local maker of outdoor clothing, apparel and gear for climbing. She contributed to the formation of the unique corporate culture at Patagonia.

When asked about WHY she chose AUSB to claim her education, Jennifer Van Homer said: 

"I chose Antioch because it offered me the flexibility I needed to complete my degree being the mother of two children and working full-time!"

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Jennifer shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara: 

"Antioch is a great place to expand your perspectives and learn to coordinate and collaborate with others. The teachers are fantastic and the learning environment is fun and challenging. I was a student in the weekend program which required a lot of collaboration with my cohort. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about teaming. It’s great to be in an adult learning environment and to be in a place that invites the whole student!"

Jennifer Van Homer lives in Santa Barbara, where she enjoys spending time with her two children and yellow Labrador. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, surfing and skiing. Jennifer recently released the book "A Princess and Her Garden – A Fable of Awakening and Arrival" co-written with her mother, Patricia R. Adson, Ph.D. Van Homer is also the co-author of "The Relating Game: 96 Ways to Sustain Passion Over Time", which is a deck of cards designed to stimulate conversation and emotional intimacy with your partner. For more information on this Antioch Alumni please visit her websites at:

A Princess and Her Garden http://aprincessandhergarden.com/

The Relating Game http://therelatinggame.com/

Leadership Coaching & Consulting http://jennifervanhomer.com/ 

Antioch University and Santa Barbara City College Announce Collaborative Transfer Program

Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) will sign an official agreement on Wednesday, November 16, at 10:30 a.m. formalizing the unique transfer arrangement between the two institutions that signifies another benchmark in their maturing and developing relationship. The signing ceremony will take place at SBCC’s Luria Conference and Press Center at the top of La Playa Stadium on East campus at 721 Cliff Drive.

AUSB’s Bridge Program with SBCC permits SBCC students to transfer up to three years of college credit to AUSB, one full year more than is accepted in transfer units to most four-year colleges and universities. After transfer, students may need to complete as little as one year of study at Antioch in order to complete their BA degree.  The “80-40” program provides a cost-effective means of completing the college degree, allowing students to complete as many as 80 units at a community college and the remaining 40 credit hours at AUSB.  The Bridge program allows students to stay in Santa Barbara, rather than leave the area, to complete their bachelor’s degree.

SBCC’s Transfer Center and AUSB’s Office of Admissions work closely with these students in developing an academic transfer plan, including financial aid that best suits their needs. In addition to the Bridge Program, SBCC and Antioch have a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) that ensures that qualified SBCC students are automatically guaranteed admission to any Antioch concentration.

 “Never before have community colleges and four-year colleges and universities needed to work more closely together to ensure that  students finish their lower-division studies, successfully transfer and complete their bachelors’ degrees,” said Dr. Jack Friedlander, Acting SBCC Superintendent/President. “Our evolving global economy has raised the bar substantially for students to acquire the skills and training needed to gain employment in jobs that pay competitive wages.”  He added, “SBCC and Antioch have a long-standing relationship of working together to best serve our students.  More than 50 percent of Antioch students in Santa Barbara have had some ties to SBCC, either through coursework or transfer.”
    “Intentional efforts must be made in order to increase access to higher education and these efforts must provide students the ability to fit their education into their busy lives. At a time of great economic uncertainty and severely constrained opportunities to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, collaborative efforts like this are responsive to the needs of our community, which is at the heart of our strategic partnership with SBCC,” said AUSB President Dr. Nancy Leffert. “By establishing the Bridge Program and guaranteed transfer admission agreement, Antioch and SBCC have stepped forward and demonstrated that these students are important. This innovative program accommodates the needs of students today.”

Cutbacks in the state and the increasing costs of public four-year institutions have reached an inflection point that makes the four-year-old Bridge Program much more viable.  SBCC and AUSB continue to strengthen their relationship and Antioch’s new location and new campus offer greater opportunities for collaboration between the two schools.

Background Santa Barbara City College
A public, two-year community college accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges , Santa Barbara City College currently enrolls more than 19,000 credit students and 12,400 non-credit  students each semester.  In 2011 SBCC was named one of the Top 10 Community Colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Award Program and one of the 101 Best Colleges for Veterans in 2010 by Military Times Edge Magazine. In 2009, the college celebrated its Centennial anniversary recognizing 100 years of service to the community.

Antioch Alumni Graduates and Organizational Professionals – Steve and Sara Caputo

Today we feature not one but two Antioch University Santa Barbara graduates – Steve and Sara Caputo! The couple met while attending AUSB in pursuit of their Master’s Degrees through our Academic Programs.

Steve Caputo, Class of 1997 graduated with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. Since his graduation Steve has been on the adjunct teaching faculty of Antioch Santa Barbara. He is known for engaging his students in experiential learning and drawing from his own professional experience. Steve is a dynamic and creative management professional with over twenty five years of experience in organizational management, corporate training, team building, and facilitation. He calls his style of training methodology, “entertrainment” (a combination of training and entertainment).

Mr. Caputo currently holds the position of Manager of Organizational Development for Cottage Health System (Cottage Hospital). Of his position at Cottage Steve said, “I feel like I get the opportunity to not just make a difference in the organization but within the community every day.”

Owner of Radiant Organizing and established productivity coach, Sara Caputo (who was recently profiled on the AUSB blog) received her M.A. in Organizational Psychology in 2003. Sara published her first book this year, “The Productivity Puzzle: What’s Your Missing Piece?”. Mrs. Caputo uses the book in her employee trainings which helps guide the clientele toward creating workflow systems and building on strengths. Sara assists a wide spectrum of organizations and people, including large corporations, non-profit groups, small businesses, independent contractors, educational institutions, financial advisors, and residential clients. Her consulting work ranges from speaking seminars, to time management and priority setting trainings. Sara Caputo also contributes a column in the Santa Barbara News-Press called the Productivity Corner.

Steve and Sara live in Santa Barbara and are actively involved in the community. The couples greatest creation are their two sons, Benjamin (3.5 years old) and Zack (6 months old).

When asked about their decision to attend Antioch University Santa Barbara, The Caputo’s said:

Steve, “I wanted to make a change from finance & accounting to organizational development. I looked at many different programs and chose Antioch because of the program flexibility and content.”

Sara, “I had heard about Antioch from many people in the community when I started thinking about getting my masters degree, so I toured it, met with a few professors to assess whether it was right for me and immediately loved the feel of it, so I enrolled. Steve was a friend at the time and really encouraged me to go to Antioch, so this was and continues to be a really nice common bond that we share in our life.”

Steve and Sara share how their AUSB education has helped them with career and life goals:

Sara, “Antioch helped me to grow up in a way that I didn’t recognize that I needed at the time, but looking back now I know it was where I was meant to be on many levels. The care of the instructors, the personal relationships developed and the ability to create my own path and forge ahead into the next level of my life was integral.”

Steve, “I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing had it not been for stopping what I was doing and starting something new.  An important practice in my life is meditation and journaling, which I try to do daily. Before Sara and I got married I took a solo camping trip and brought my stack of journals to read. As I was reading through countless entries I found one that was written about 2 years before I went to Antioch that said, “Today I talked to someone that is doing what I want to do…he teaches at a university and does organizational development for an organization” as I read it I thought to myself…“Wow – that’s exactly what I am doing!” So I tell people – be careful of what you dream…because you will get it.”

The Caputo’s shares this message to prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

Sara, “Come ready to “claim your education”! As with anything you will get out of it what you put in. I put a lot into my education and still hold the professors, the classes, the high level people that I met along the way near and dear to my heart.”

Steve, “I would agree with what Sara said and add that one of the greatest things about Antioch is that it allows you to have flexibility within the structure. So create your own path…one that fits and works for you. Don’t limit yourself to what is in the course catalogue; create your own path within the boundaries.”

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For more information on Steve Caputo, M.A. visit http://www.linkedin.com/pub/steve-caputo. To find Sara Caputo, M.A. Radiant Organizing on the web go to radiantorganizing.com and theproductivitypuzzle.com (e-Book).

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Antioch Graduate James Kyriaco Excels in Local Leadership

This week we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate James Kyriaco (BA Class of 2009), a fundraising and management consultant, in our spotlight on alumni.

James Kyriaco knows how to 'keep it local' with thirteen years of experience and success in managing political campaigns in the Santa Barbara community.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 2009 graduate received his Bachelor of Liberal Studies with an Area of Concentration in Social Services Administration paving the way for James to climb the ranks in the political world and help many candidates win victories in elections.

Mr. Kyriaco was born and raised in Santa Barbara. He attended Santa Barbara High School and completed coursework at Santa Barbara City College. James has held many leadership positions with a number of non-profit organizations including the Santa Barbara Family Care Center (President, Vice President), Goleta Valley Historical Society (Executive Director), Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County, Citizens Planning Association, and the Santa Barbara Tennis Patrons (Board Member).

James Kyriaco has consulted for numerous political clients ranging from County Supervisor Janet Wolf, Santa Barbara School Board Trustee Monique Limon to Goleta Mayor Margaret Connell, former Santa Barbara Councilmembers Roger Horton and Brian Barnwell, and Goleta Water District President Bill Rosen.

James has also been active in serving the Santa Barbara community through his work on the Santa Barbara County Historic Landmarks Advisory Committee, and as a former longtime member of the City of Santa Barbara Community Development and Human Services Commission.

When asked about his experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, James Kyriaco said:

"I chose Antioch University because it offers a flexible schedule, strong faculty, and proven commitment to social justice through examination of individual and organizational behavior. I especially appreciated Antioch's powerful online learning tools, and its recognition of the value of experiential learning."

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James shares this message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"My experience at Antioch was transformative, and impacts the way I look at the world around me every day. The instructors offer "real world" as well as academic knowledge, and their commitment to students is top notch. Many of the students are very accomplished as well, and the seminar format of many classes offers opportunities to learn from the student body as well as the instructor. The online platforms used at Antioch are technologically advanced, intuitive and complement the classroom and experiential elements of the curriculum."

Mr. Kyriaco has just completed a Master's Degree program in Public Administration through California State University, Northridge. James lives with his wife Angie (also an Antioch University Alumni) in Goleta, along with their cat, Guiseppe. For more information on James Kyriaco visit his profile at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/james-kyriaco-jr/a/967/11

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Sample Faculty Presentations  » Read Faculty Profiles

Navigating the Teen Years by Gina Bell, MA

Young people face a number of risks and challenges during adolescence such as bullying, sexual identity, substance abuse, and more that, if not well navigated, can jeopardize their healthy and successful transition to adulthood. Get some important tips and strategies for parenting teens at this vital time in their development.

Myths and Legends: Zorro’s Backyard by Harold Salas-Kennedy, PhD

This sample class presentation will focus on Santa Barbara’s fascinating connection to the legendary Zorro. We will also explore how Mexico’s Cinco De Mayo helped the Union win the Civil War.

What Caused the Current Recession by John Forhan, JD

This sample class presentationwill focus on the missteps that created the current recession and how we avoid them in the future. We will discuss a few dangerous economic animals that shouldn't have been let out of their cages and the havoc they continue to wreak.

Wet and Wild: Seasonal Migrators of Santa Barbara by Dawn Osborn, PhD

This sample class presentation will explore animals from the land and sea that seasonally migrate through the Santa Barbara area. Learn about what brings these creatures to the central coast, why and when they leave, and how you can best see them in their natural habitat.