Screenwriting Workshops

Robin Swicord –
Developing Your
Story Intuition

This workshop will build your skills in laying out a strong story, and learning techniques that put you in touch with your own intrinsic “story intuition.” Dialogue, tone, characters and scenes seem to come naturally to many who write stage plays and screenplays, but finding a strong narrative worthy of your writing is essential to good filmmaking. “What happens next” in a screenplay can sometimes feel like more of a mystery, even to seasoned writers. Fortunately, story-making is one of the few essential writing skills that can actually be imparted, one writer to another. In this workshop, we’ll unwind the classic elements of narrative and dramatic structure to help you develop your “story intuition,” so that you can rethink a story, refine the screenplay you’ve been writing, or even find the story you want to tell. Participants will be asked to bring notes on the screenplay you intend to write (an outline or treatment or pages of specific notes that reflect your thinking), or a full draft of a screenplay that you hope to rewrite.

John Pielmeier –
Adapting for
the Screen

This is an intense six days of outlining, structuring, and exploration of a literary work of the student’s choice. The work should preferably be short fiction that is either in the public domain or controlled by the student, though work not owned or controlled by the student is permissible, so long as the student is aware that the adaptation-work that is done in class cannot be used outside of class. A copy of the work should be provided to the instructor no later than two weeks before the beginning of class.

David W. Rintels –
Advanced Dramatic

Narrative, structure and character development. All who attend this class must submit one month in advance a full-length script for a play, film or long-form (no weekly series) television show, and be able to read in advance and discuss scripts written by others in the class.

Cheri Steinkellner –
The Writer's Journey

In this six-day writing-intensive adventure, we’ll explore the Hero’s Journey and its relationship to our own adventures in writing via free-writes, guided exercises, and other creative adventures. Along the path, we’ll examine classic literary and cinematic heroes, mentors, shadows and tricksters as we discover and document our personal creative writing journey.

Bill Steinkellner –
Improv for Writers

Join Bill Steinkellner for a six-day romp through the process of improv. Theatre games aren’t just for actors anymore, as writers explore and heighten on their feet, and on the page, working with a master teacher from Chicago’s Second City and L.A.’s Groundlings Theatre. The principals of play, positivity, and leaping into the unknown open up a world of possibilities and fun.