Capital Campaign

New Campus

AUSB’s new 28,000 square-foot, three-story campus creates an educational hub in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, thanks to our unprecedented partnership with the Hutton Parker Foundation. The building incorporates environmentally sustainable planning, a state-of- the-art technology infrastructure, and social amenities that support our greater Santa Barbara community while celebrating the accomplishments of lifelong learning.

Naming Opportunities:

New Campus Facility: $6,000,000
A visually compelling, vibrant, and technology-enhanced urban campus.

Lobby: $300,000
Reception area seating, lighting, signage, and artwork.

Patio Commons: $250,000
Plantings and exterior seating spaces for student gatherings, study, and outdoor events.

Student Lounge: $250,000
Cold kitchen concession, tables and chairs for student socializing, and student and community announcement kiosk.

Conference Room: $100,000
Interior décor and furnishings and technology infrastructure to support virtual as well as face-to face meetings and conferences.

Reception (3rd Floor): $50,000
Technology-enabled, interior décor and furnishings.

Trustee Conference Room: $35,000
Furnishings and décor to support Board of Trustees and campus leadership committee work.

Alumni Conference Room: $25,000
Technology-enhanced conference room, interior décor, and furnishings for alumni meetings and events.

Faculty/Staff Lounge: $25,000
Furniture, lighting, and appliances for faculty/staff discussion and meal preparation.

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

Learning spaces and classroom configurations in our new campus are being developed to provide innovative, eco-friendly opportunities for a variety of teaching modalities, informal conversation, and experiential learning. Our state-of-the-art classrooms will be student-centered, integrated, and flexible, with technology and new media that enhance students’ learning. AUSB’s multi-modal, highly interactive classroom environments will enable faculty to use optimal teaching methods, whether classroom lecture, audio conferencing, video, or other learning activities that can be shared across all five Antioch University campuses.

Naming Opportunities:

Large Classroom: $150,000
Forward-thinking technology enabled infrastructure, furnishings, and decor for a classroom that will seat 15-25 students.

Small Seminar Room: $30,000
Forward-thinking technology enabled infrastructure, furnishings, and decor for a classroom that will seat 10-15 students.

AUSB Library and Learning Commons

As both a physical and virtual location, the AUSB Library and Learning Commons will provide a flexible and collaborative environment conducive to student learning, reading, writing, as well as faculty and student research, showcasing educational best practices. The Library and Learning Commons will also support student learning with a computer lab and an innovative, peer-supported Writing Center that offers writing and academic tutoring resources tailored to support individual student needs. Educational best practices will contribute to the design of this flexible space assists individuals, small groups, and classes in accessing a virtual world of reference and other digital materials, databases, and remote and on-campus student-generated content.

Naming Opportunities:

Library & Learning Commons: $1,500,000
Mezzanine-level library, shelving and storage for books and reference materials, with flexible modular furnishings that support individual and small group work, a high-speed wireless infrastructure, hardware, and software that will enhance computer and communications labs while providing state-of-the-art virtual access to reference materials and the holdings of the world’s libraries.

Writing Center: $35,000
Instructional support for student writing with multi-purpose workstations.

University Hall

A state-of-the-art, 125-seat University Hall will serve as a flexible space for lectures, theatre, public meetings and exhibits. The design accommodates a wide variety of learning environments and community needs with amenities that include a state-of-the-art lecture capture system, audio and projection system with a motorized screen, wireless presentation kiosk, and integrated classroom and exhibit lighting system.

Naming Opportunity:

University Hall: $1,250,000
A 125-seat flexible, multi-purpose room for larger classes, lectures, meetings, exhibits, and community meetings or events.