AUSB Annual Fund

Donate to Antioch University Santa Barbara

Annual Fund gifts supply the much-needed gift of flexibility and, therefore, are critical to the operation and advancement of the school and its programs.  Annual funds are unrestricted, current-use funds that provide University leadership with maximum flexibility for responding quickly to new opportunities and to meet immediate and unexpected needs.

Your gift to the AUSB Annual Fund goes directly where it is needed most – to current students.  Annual Fund gifts ensure that AUSB is able to provide students with much needed financial aid, up-to-date technology, library resources, new equipment, academic support, and a host of other essentials that enhance the quality of the education for our students.

In today’s environment of tightened budgets and reduced funding, the importance of flexible-use resources cannot be overstated.  By making a contribution to the AUSB Annual Fund, you can help AUSB guarantee an emergent future.