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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Antioch University Santa Barbara continues to educate students to think critically, to act ethically and pursue a life of engaged citizenship. With your help, we can increase scholarship dollars to assist students to attend AUSB, enhance our services to our students, and develop new programs that meet the educational needs of students in our community. With your help, our students will have the opportunity to learn more and be more.

When you make a gift to Antioch University Santa Barbara, your contribution will be put to work immediately-providing scholarships for current and future students, funding new programs, or creating reliable alternative sources of revenue by building the university’s endowment. The generosity of your gift will ensure ongoing support and help define our future. There are many ways to give to AUSB and each gift will have an impact on current as well as future students.

Scholarship Fund

Today, undergraduate and graduate degrees have become a necessity rather than an advantage to potential employers. As funding for education becomes increasingly unpredictable, more and more students depend on scholarships to help them pursue their dreams. Most students work at least part-time, many have family obligations, and all feel the pinch from rising prices for living expenses. A scholarship can make the difference in the ability of students to complete the degree.

By making a gift to the AUSB Scholarship Fund, you can give these students an opportunity they might not otherwise have to pursue higher education.

Annual Fund

Annual Fund gifts supply the much-needed gift of flexibility and, therefore, are critical to the operation and advancement of the school and its programs. Annual funds are unrestricted, current-use funds that provide University leadership with maximum flexibility for responding quickly to new opportunities and to meet immediate and unexpected needs. Your gift to the AUSB Annual Fund goes directly where it is needed most – to current students. Annual Fund gifts ensure that AUSB is able to provide students with much needed financial aid, up-to-date technology, library resources, new equipment, academic support, and a host of other essentials that enhance the quality of the education for our students.

In today’s environment of tightened budgets and reduced funding, the importance of flexible-use resources cannot be overstated. By making a contribution to the AUSB Annual Fund, you can help AUSB guarantee an emergent future.

Program Development

AUSB’s academic programs offer diverse experiences that enhance students’ lives, nurture their creative spirit and prepare students for future leadership roles. Our faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees have great ideas for new academic programs and concentrations that offer opportunities for our future students to be more competitive in their work.

Gifts to program development allow us to create new academic programs that prepare students for the current employment trends and meet community needs. Developing new programs allows AUSB to broaden the educational experience of our students and offer new and exciting educational opportunities to the Santa Barbara region. You can help AUSB by supporting new and emerging program development.

Endowment Planned Giving

An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding; a gift made on the stipulation that the principal be maintained in perpetuity and that only income from investment of the gift be expended.

Gifts to the AUSB Endowment have a continuing impact on the life of the University. They are invested to provide permanent annual support for scholarships, faculty, curriculum development and general operations. Endowment funds allow AUSB to plan for the future with confidence and help provide a secure financial future for our students. You can help AUSB create a reliable source of future income by expanding the university’s endowment.

Planned Giving

Planned giving gifts will benefit the university by establishing a lasting legacy. Our Institutional Advancement staff will help you create a philanthropic strategy tailored to meet your unique financial needs. Planned giving may involve bequests, life insurance, life income agreements, annuities, and trusts. Please contact our Institutional Advancement office to answer your questions about particular vehicles to assist you with planning.