Scholarship Funds

Today, undergraduate and graduate degrees have become a necessity rather than an advantage to potential employers. As funding for education becomes increasingly unpredictable, more and more students depend on scholarships to help them pursue their dreams. A scholarship can make the difference in the ability of students to complete the degree. Scholarship funds are awarded to incoming or continuing students based on financial need and academic and community service potential.

Roy Mankovitz Memorial Scholarship Fund

By making a gift to the Roy Mankovitz Memorial Scholarship Fund, you can give students an opportunity they might not otherwise have to pursue higher education at AUSB.

Endowed Scholarship Funds

An endowed scholarship fund of $25,000 or more creates a permanent legacy for our students by establishing perpetual scholarship assistance from the derived income. An endowed scholarship fund may be donor-designated or donor-named and based on need and/or merit. A variety of specific endowed scholarships are available for each of our academic degree programs, as described at the links below: