Institutional Scholarships

David “Bud” Menkin Scholarship

The David “Bud” Menkin Scholarship has been established to honor and continue Mr. Menkin’s business legacy of motivating men and women to implement practices that promoted socially responsible and humanistic management. It is a non-renewable award for incoming and continuing students in the MBA program and  BA program with a business concentration.

Apply for the David “Bud” Menkin scholarship.

Additional Scholarship Information

National and regional scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Private scholarships are offered by many organizations, including government, businesses, and private non-profits. They may be based on academic achievements, hobbies, talents, organizational affiliations, and career aspirations. The web is your best resource for finding additional scholarship opportunities.

Here are a few websites to start your process:

A thorough online scholarship search can be successful if you start early, keep organized and search diligently. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions at 805.962.8179 x 5108.