President's Access Grant

Non-renewable, merit-based grant of $2,500 (prorated $1250 per term for the first two terms).  Admitted new students are eligible to apply for this grant. Students must be starting an academic degree program (Special Status students & students earning only the Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credential are not eligible). The Grant is open to both domestic and international applicants.

Requirements for Consideration:

Submission of an admission application to a degree seeking program and a President's Access Grant essay response by the deadline listed below:
▪   Winter Application Deadline: November 1, 2015 (5:00pm PST)

To Apply: 

Please submit a short essay addressing the following prompt: "How do you envision applying your Antioch education to your respective community or communities?"

Essay Guidelines:

▪   Double spaced
▪   250 words or less
▪   Header of submitted document (MS Word, RTF, or PDF) must include the first and last name that appears on your admission application
▪   Submit electronically to using subject line: Access Grant Essay (First name) (Last name)

College-to-Career Grant

Non-renewable, merit-based grant, prorated based on enrollment - up to $10,000.
 We recognize that many students' motivation for pursuing a Bachelor's degree (and beyond) is linked to their career ambitions.  The College-to-Career Grant is designed to make completing your degree even more affordable, by narrowing the gap between cost of attendance at AUSB and a Cal State ... Allowing you to complete your degree efficiently and jump-start your career!

Requirements for Consideration:

  • Must be entering the BA Program as a new student
  • Must be registered or plan to enroll in 6+ units per quarter
  • Winter Application Deadline: November 1, 2015 (5:00pm PST)

To Apply:

Please submit a short essay addressing the following prompt: "What are your career goals, and how do you envision your Antioch education supporting the fulfillment of those goals?"

Essay guidelines:

▪   Double spaced
▪   250 words or less
▪   Header of submitted document (MS Word, RTF, or PDF) must include the following information:  First & Last Name, College-to-Career Grant, your intended enrollment plans: Part-time (6-8 units), 3/4 time (9-11 units), Full-time (12-15 units). Example: Horace Mann, College-to-Career Grant, Full-time
▪   Submit electronically to using subject line: College-to-Career Grant, (First name) (Last name).

More institutional scholarships to be announced soon for the 2015-16 academic year.

The David “Bud” Menkin Scholarship has been established to honor and continue Mr. Menkin’s business legacy of motivating men and women to implement practices that promoted socially responsible and humanistic management. It is a non-renewable award for incoming and continuing students in the MBA program and  BA program with a business concentration.

Apply for the David “Bud” Menkin scholarship.

The Carmen Alexander Memorial Scholarship honors the legacy of Carmen Alexander, a former student in the Special Education Credential Program at Antioch University Santa Barbara. Carmen was known by her fellow teachers, administrators, students, and parents for her special talent in seeing and honoring the unique potential of every child.

The Carmen Alexander Memorial Scholarship is available to current students working toward their Multi-Subject or Special Education credential. Students apply during the winter for the award to be applied in the Spring Quarter. Scholarship amount varies by year.


The application essay should address the following prompts:

1. Write about yourself as an aspiring general or special education teacher. Explain how you will use your educational experience at AUSB to advance the ideals Carmen embodied as a teacher.

2. Describe how this scholarship will help you successfully complete the program.

3. Describe any special circumstances that may be related to your need for financial assistance (e.g., single parent, first in your family to attend college, etc.)

Note: Applicants must be current students in good standing for both institutional and state requirements for the credential.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities: National and regional scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Private scholarships are offered by many organizations, including government, businesses, and private non-profits. They may be based on academic achievements, hobbies, talents, organizational affiliations, and career aspirations. The web is your best resource for finding additional scholarship opportunities.

Here are a few websites to start your process:

A thorough online scholarship search can be successful if you start early, keep organized, and search diligently. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions at 805.962.8179 x 5219.