A course I need to take is full. How can I register for this course?

You cannot register for a closed course. Registration is closed for a course that has reached its seating capacity. Some courses have additional sections of the same course offered at different times or with different instructors. If there are alternate sections that fit your schedule and remain open, you may register for one of them. If the closed course has an online waitlist, you can add yourself to the waitlist; however, being on the waitlist does not guarantee your entry into the class.  If there is no waitlist, you can periodically check the course enrollment status on the online Schedule of Classes. Seats occasionally become available when students drop the course.  Always prepare your schedule with alternates for each course that meet at the same time or at times that will not disrupt your entire schedule.

I am on the waitlist for the course. How will I know if I got in?

If you are on a waitlist and a space becomes available, you will receive an email at your antioch.edu gmail account confirming that a space is available and the time frame by which you must register online for the course.  If you fail to register for the course by the allotted time, the available space will become available to the next student on the waitlist.

The online Schedule of Classes shows that there are open seats in a course, but when I attempt to register it still says waitlisted. Why?

This is because the seats that have become available are reserved for those people who are included on the waitlist. Waitlisted students are not automatically registered when seats become available; students must register themselves after being notified that they have been approved to register for the class. The best thing to do in this case is for you to put yourself on the waitlist, provided the waitlist is still open.

How can I verify my course schedule for the term?

You can view and/or print your course schedule from the My Class Schedule link in myAntioch for Spring 2016 and prior terms.  For Summer 2016 and future terms, you can view and/or print your course schedule from the My Class Schedule link in AUView.

Can I audit a class?

Auditing courses is permitted with the approval of faculty teaching the course. Credit is not awarded for audited courses. Students who audit courses and subsequently matriculate as regular students cannot be awarded transfer credit, residency, or prior learning equivalency for audited courses toward the completion of their degree program.  No audit fee is charged for students who are enrolled at least half‑time. 

I missed the registration period. Can I still register?

Yes.  If you are a continuing student, you may register after the initial registration period – a $100 late fee will be assessed to your student account.  All continuing students must register for academic units or a status by the add/drop period or they may be withdrawn from the University for non-enrollment.