Susan Lang, MA, LMFT

Affiliate Faculty


Susan Lang MA, LMFT, received her California Teaching Credential at College of Notre Dame Belmont, a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from California State University Northridge, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from AUSB. While teaching elementary school, she served as a Senior Fellow in the California Mathematics Project. Susan has focused her work primarily on infants, young children and their families, and has worked as a child development specialist for programs such as Welcome Every Baby (a newborn home visiting program) and Early Start, a program for children with developmental delays. Currently, Susan is an associate faculty member at AUSB as well as adjunct faculty at California State University Northridge and Santa Barbara City College. She has a part-time private practice and is working on a book exploring Santa Barbara’s rich, multi-cultural roots of Christmas.

“Susan is full of knowledge and has a wealth of information to share with the class. She focuses on the individual student and I appreciate her feedback on our assignments.”
 – Student in Child, Family, & Society Practicum, Winter 2011

“Susan is a very inspirational when discussing curriculum for early childhood. She has so much knowledge and passion for what she does. She is very effective and clear on her expectations.”
– Student in Curriculum Development, Winter 2011