Susan Lambrose, MA

Adjunct Faculty


Susan Lambrose, MA, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing/Communications and a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from AUSB. She is an MFT Intern, working at Phoenix of Santa Barbara in the outpatient dual diagnosis program. She currently teaches Service Learning in the Community, a required course for all BA students. In addition, Susan owns her own business, Santa Barbara Writers and Artists, with an ongoing goal to facilitate expressive and creative writing workshops (emphasizing writing as a healing art), to a variety of under-served populations in the community. In her “free time,” Susan enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends, writing poetry, and escaping into the peace of nature.

“She really believes in what she is teaching. It’s her own life philosophy and that helps to inspire us.”
– Student in Service Learning, Summer 2010

“I think Susan has a lot to bring to our Antioch experience. The experiences in the Service Learning components are invaluable.”
– Student in Service Learning, Winter 2011