Harold Salas-Kennedy, PhD

Adjunct Faculty


Harold Salas-Kennedy, PhD has been an adjunct faculty member at AUSB since 1991, teaching diversity courses such as The Latino Community in American Society, Multiculturalism & American Politics, and Spirituality & World Religions. He is a former union organizer with the United Farm Workers Union and the current Associate Director for the Educational Opportunity Program at UC Santa Barbara. In 2009, Dr. Salas-Kennedy was invited by UC Merced to provide training and head campus volunteer security teams during First Lady Michelle Obama’s commencement speech. He traveled to Italy in 2010 as part of an invited team, presenting to government and community officials on such topics as culture, diversity and immigration. A father of three wonderful kids, Dr. Salas-Kennedy is an avid reader, hiker and lover of the sea. His current research includes areas of early California history and U.S. immigration issues.

“Harold is an inspirational and informative instructor who raises the bar for his students.”
– Student in Multiculturalism & American Politics, Fall 2010

“Harold is very knowledgeable and very respectful and considerate of all other cultures.”
– Student in Spirituality & World Religions, Winter 2011