Anna Kwong, MBA

Program Chair


Anna Kwong, MBA was born and raised in Hong Kong during the time it was a British Colony and has lived in the UK and in Canada. In 2002, she became a proud American citizen.  Her professional background includes, but is not restrained to, international business management, leadership and trade.  In 1985, she started her global computer firm and has picked up the leadership and management role in various types of overseas trading and joint ventures for over the last twenty years.  She started teaching at California Lutheran University MBA program in 1991. This year marks the 20th year of her adjunct teaching.  She is currently the Senior Adjunct Professor at CLU MBA program and has also been teaching at Santa Barbara City College for over 16 years. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and her two canine kids, Mighty and Koko.  She spends most of her time teaching, traveling, enjoying life and pursuing meaningful and contributive engagements in society.