The Symposium on
Healthy Aging

 April 19-20, 2013


Presented by the AUSB MA in Clinical Psychology Program, in conjunction with its Healthy Aging concentration.

Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) is pleased to present our first Symposium on Healthy Aging, in conjunction with the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology–Healthy Aging concentration. As baby boomers age, not only is the demand growing for trained professionals to respond to the needs of this expanding population, but more adult children are becoming caregivers. This Symposium is open to professional therapists, family members, and anyone with an interest in the physical, social, spiritual, and psychological well-being of our elders. Participants will learn clinical skills and multidisciplinary perspectives on preventive, medical, wellness, holistic, and transitional approaches that support optimal life quality for themselves, aging clients, and their families.

Nancy Leffert, PhD
Peter MacDougall, EdD
Harry R. Moody, PhD
David Lebell, MD
Stuart Light, MA
Albert Munoz-Flores, PsyD
Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD
Barry Spacks, Poet & Teacher

Kimberley Snow, Author & Teacher
Beverly Schydlowsky, PhD

Panel: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Naomi Kovacs
Peggy Renker
Jackie Marston
Heidi Holly
Shannon Shoup


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