Andrew Liepman

Andrew Liepman
Senior Policy Analyst at RAND
and Long-time CIA officer   

Brian Michael Jenkins

Brian Michael Jenkins
Senior Advisory to the
President of RAND

Jerry Roberts

Jerry Roberts,
Award-winning Journalist
and AUSB Trustee






Antioch University Santa Barbara presents its spring Trustee Forum, focused on the complex issues raised by President Obama’s proposed reforms of policies governing the National Security Agency’s collection of the personal data of Americans.

The forum, the latest in a series of community events presented by AUSB, will feature conversation and public discussion with national security experts Andrew Liepman, a career official with the Central Intelligence Agency, with his last position being the Deputy of the National Counter Terrorism Center, and Brian Michael Jenkins, is Senior Adviser to the President of the RAND Corporation and author of numerous books, reports, and articles on terrorism-related topics.

Amid the national and global controversies and conflicts set in motion by the unauthorized release of an unknown number of previously confidential and classified documents and programs, these national security experts will discuss how disclosure of the top-secret material affects the nation’s battle against terrorism, U.S. defense and diplomacy, government power, and Internet and telecommunications privacy.