Featuring Local Panelists and Healthcare Professionals:  

Featured Keynote Speaker:
California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

Dr. Cynder Sinclair 
Executive Director, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics



Dr. Takashi Wada 
Director, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department



Dr. Kurt Ransohoff 
CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Sansum Clinic



Ron Werft
President & CEO, Cottage Health System 




Please join a conversation with local healthcare professionals about how the Affordable Care Act will affect Californians as individuals and  healthcare providers. 

California has an estimated seven million people who lack health care insurance and was the first state to create its own exchange, the California Health Benefit Exchange, under the ACA.  If the CHBE succeeds in establishing a competitive marketplace in which millions of uninsured Californians can purchase affordable health insurance, it will set a national example that no doubt will be widely copied. On the other hand, if an exchange cannot deliver on its promises here, it’s hard to say how it can do so in any major state. 

View the web broadcast from the October 15 event.

The most publicized goal of the ACA is to enroll 32 million of the 50 million Americans who currently lack coverage in a health insurance plan. Roughly half of these 32 million would be customers of the new exchanges. The other half would be insured through an expansion of Medicaid, known as Medi-Cal in California.