Elizabeth Wolfson to Present at Humanistic Psychology Conference in March

Elizabeth Wolfson
Elizabeth Wolfson

Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson, Chair of the MA in Clinical Psychology program at Antioch University Santa Barbara, will co-present with Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown at the ninth annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology in San Francisco on Thursday, March 17.

The conference theme of Re-Visioning Human Potential, Education & Healthcare will explore topics that reflect the core issues of our time aimed at uniting people across differences and supporting humanity in its evolution. Dr. Wolfson and Dr. Rohde-Brown will present on the topic of Adults Giving Care to Adults: Existential Perspectives on What is Gotten, Given, and Given Up.

The presentation will reflect on what it means to be a “caregiver” individually and collectively in elder and/or partner care and/or in caring for a sibling with marked disability. The inter- and intra-personal challenges of caregiving along with systemic challenges and opportunities will be discussed. The balancing of the gift of giving with receiving will be addressed, including care for the self and the earth. Discussion will examine how the “cared-for” may also be viewed as caregivers for those facilitating their care. A framework of Humanistic Psychology will be offered to explore the unique needs of caregivers within a social system that is growing ever more reliant on mutual care.

Juliet Rhode Brown
Juliet Rhode Brown

In addition to serving as the Chair of the MACP program, Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson has over 30 years of experience in the clinical practice of psychotherapy, 16 years as an administrator in social services, 20 years teaching in higher education and agencies, and 6 years in faculty administration. Dr. Wolfson was a co-founder of Santa Barbara Village, a membership program supporting independent living for seniors. She developed a concentration in Healthy Aging in the MACP program and received the 2011 Intergenerational Effort of the Year Award from AARP and the Central Coast Commission for Seniors for this work. She has written and presented frequently on the topic of Mid-life Transition, Healthy Aging, and Caregiving. In addition to her academic commitments, Dr. Wolfson currently serves on the Board of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, California Chapter and has a private psychotherapy practice serving families and individuals of all ages in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist and educator. Previously a faculty member at Antioch University Santa Barbara, she is currently a core faculty member and the Director of Clinical Training at Pacifica Graduate Institute and has a small private psychotherapy practice. She has written journal articles that have included such topics as forgiveness and family experiences in the context of disability, and she has presented on these topics in international academic and professional venues.

Posted on February 9, 2016

Antioch Hosts Discussion on Paris Climate Conference

Ethan Stewart
Ethan Stewart of the Santa Barbara Independent presents at the public forum. Photos by Rose Gregory.

Antioch University Santa Barbara hosted a crowded public forum presented by the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network on Thursday, January 28, 2016 with Ethan Stewart, a reporter with the Santa Barbara Independent, who reported from on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in December.

While at the conference, Ethan provided daily coverage through the Independent, covering official events as well as behind-the-scenes discussions and meetings with non-governmental organizations, officials, activists, and concerned citizens. Click here to read Ethan’s coverage at the Independent’s website. During the forum, Ethan displayed photographs by the Independent’s Kodiak Greenwood and recounted their experience covering the conference in Paris.

In addition to Ethan, the discussion will include a panel of community members with backgrounds in local government, business, education, faith-based organizations, and activism. David Fortson, CEO of LoaTree, served as facilitator for the panel, and Dr. Dawn Murray, the Chair of AUSB’s Bachelor of Arts program and a marine biologist, made remarks at the beginning of the forum. Dr. Murray’s Environmental Studies students attended the discussion.

Climate change panel
Members of the panel discuss climate change at the forum.

“We are all a part of the solution,” Dr. Murray said. “Come and learn more about our community efforts and connect to the global movement.”

The event was co-sponsored by the Santa Barbara Independent, LoaTree, Antioch University Santa Barbara, and the Community Environmental Council.

Video of the forum is available for those who wish to view it in full:

Posted on February 2, 2016

Anna Kwong Named Chair of MBA Program

Anna KwongAnna Kwong, MBA, who has been involved with Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Master of Business Administration program in Social Business, Non-Profit Management, and Strategic Leadership since it began in 2014, has been named permanent chair of the program effective immediately.

“I am honored to serve as the Chair of Antioch’s MBA program and particularly excited because this is my hometown,” Anna said. “My vision is to recruit students from a broad spectrum of disciplines and provide them with a supportive learning community and high-powered executive training without forgetting the duty to serve and the goal to make a difference for the betterment of our world.”

Anna was born and raised in Hong Kong during the time it was a British Colony and has lived in the UK and in Canada, and in 2002, she became a proud American citizen. Her professional background includes international business management, leadership, and trade.  In 1985, she started her global computer firm and has picked up the leadership and management role in various types of overseas trading and joint ventures for over the last twenty years.

Anna has a deep knowledge of the MBA program and Antioch and has developed strong relationships with the MBA students and alumni.

“As many of you know, Anna has served as the Interim Director of the MBA Program since September 2015 and was an adjunct faculty member in the MBA Program since its inception,” said Barbara Lipinski, PhD, JD, AUSB’s Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs. “Her dedication to students and the quality of their educational experience has been deeply appreciated by all of us.”

Anna is excited to build on her work in the MBA program and execute her vision for its future.

“Business educational programs such as the MBA must not be built in isolation. The program was developed with Santa Barbara County in mind with input from local business leaders,” Anna said. “Our goal is to provide businesses – whether they are non-profit, for-profit, large or small – with a new generation of business leaders. Antioch graduates will be equipped to solve problems, lead effectively, and produce astounding results as well as creating a positive impact in our community.”

Anna has taught in the California Lutheran University MBA program for 20 years as an adjunct faculty member and also taught at Santa Barbara City College for over 16 years. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and her two canine kids, Mighty and Koko.  She spends most of her free time teaching, traveling, enjoying life, and pursuing meaningful and contributive engagements in society.

Posted February 1, 2016

Diana & Simon Raab Writers Series Debuts with ‘The Allure of Anais Nin’

The Allure of Anais Nin
Steven Reigns, Judith Citrin, Diana Raab, Tristine Rainer, and Perie Longo pose following the event on Friday, January 29, 2016.

A full house gathered at Antioch University Santa Barbara for “The Allure of Anais Nin,” an evening honoring the influence of writer, diarist, lecturer, and muse Anais Nin on Friday, January 29, 2016.

“The Allure of Anais Nin” was the inaugural event of the Diana & Simon Raab Writers Series and featured five artists – poets, writers, and scholars – honoring her writing and inspiration. Event coordinators Diana Raab and Steven Reigns were joined by Judith Citrin, Perie Longo, and Tristine Rainer for this unique evening as they speak about how Anais Nin inspired them, either as a friend or through her writings.

Born in Paris and growing up in Cuba and the United States, Anais Nin published journals spanning 60 years and also wrote novels, essays, critical studies, and erotica as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. She was deeply interested in psychology and was a frequent lecturer at many universities. Her original diaries are stored in the UCLA Library. In 1976, she was awarded the Los Angeles Woman of the Year Award. Nin died at the age of 74 in 1977.

** Click here to see more photos from the event at the AUSB Facebook page **

The Diana & Simon Raab Writers Series examines the works of contemporary writers and artists in order to deepen our community’s understanding of the transformative power of great storytelling and creativity as a way to inspire positive change.

Diana and Simon Raab Writers SeriesThe Writers Series has been established in conjunction with AUSB’s upcoming MFA in Writing and Contemporary Media program, which will debut in December 2016. The MFA is designed to be a low-residency program with multiple focus areas, including film, stage, adaptation, and television writing; print and digital advertising; criticism and opinion writing; public relations, marketing, philanthropic writing and editing; radio broadcasting; and publishing. Learn more and get more information about this new program at www.antiochsb.edu/mfa.

Posted on February 1, 2016

MACP Students Receive Awards Through the MFT Stipend Program

MA in Clinical PsychologyGissela Rosiles, Natasha Quintero, and Karina Gonzalez from Antioch University Santa Barbara’s MA in Clinical Psychology program have been awarded $18,500 each through the California Educational MFT Stipend Program.

The MFT Stipend Program is one of several incentive programs funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in California that Masters in Clinical Psychology students can apply for each year. These programs promote the academic education and practicum training of students in the mental health disciplines within the principles and values espoused by the MHSA in addressing the statewide workforce need for mental health practitioners in underserved communities.

Each year students from schools across the state apply for the MFT State Stipend, and AUSB is happy to congratulate Gissela, Natasha, and Karina, who have distinguished themselves as therapists in training that are committed to serving their communities.

“Each of these students came in to the Masters in Clinical Psychology program with a desire to learn and a keen interest in all that the world of psychology has to offer,” said Mariela Marin, Core Faculty and Director of Clinical Training in the program. “The MACP program has been a meaningful stepping stone for each of these recipients as it has provided the comprehensive education, enriching field experience, and supportive community to launch their careers in the mental health field.”

Click here for more information on applying for an MFT Stipend in 2016.

The Masters in Clinical Psychology degree provides students with a community-based, holistic approach to psychotherapeutic practice. You will gain the practical and theoretical knowledge for a sustainable and successful career in the field of counseling, as well as the skills to work with diverse client needs and perspectives. Learn more at antiochsb.edu/macp.

Posted on January 25, 2016

Carol Burnett, Brian Dennehy Star in Fundraiser for AUSB Scholarships

Carol Burnett and Nancy Leffert
AUSB President Nancy Leffert and Carol Burnett

Veteran actors Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy starred on Sunday, January 17, in a local one-day only sold-out performance of the play Love Letters, a beloved valentine to long-lasting relationships, at the New Vic Theatre. Carol and Brian reprised the roles they previously performed on Broadway as Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III, two characters whose lives intertwine with varying degrees of intimacy from grade school through their senior years in this work by playwright A.R. Gurney.

Antioch University Santa Barbara produced the event and raised over $130,000 to benefit the university’s Susan Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund. Susan Smith was an AUSB trustee and Brian Dennehy’s longtime agent and dear friend.

After the performance, both Carol and Brian mingled with the audience onstage while enjoying light snacks and wine.

For more photos from the event, please visit AUSB’s Facebook page.

Carol Burnett
Carol Burnett chats with fans onstage after the play.
Carol Burnett
Carol Burnett poses for photos with fans onstage after the play.
Brian Dennehy and Vicki Riskin
Brian Dennehy and AUSB Board Chair Vicki Riskin
Love Letters post-performance party
Fans mingle onstage at the post-performance party.

Published on January 19, 2016

MAE Alumna Audrey Horstmann Publishes Article in Journal

Audrey HorstmannAudrey Horstmann, a 2013 graduate of the Master of Arts in Education program at Antioch University Santa Barbara, published an article entitled “Learning Through Gardening” in the Fall 2015 edition of the Journal for Christian Educators.

In her article, Audrey writes, “Gardening in the outdoor classroom yields a harvest of opportunities for students and teachers alike to acquaint themselves with highly effective strategies such as note taking, the use of graphic organizers, speaking, and listening. Learning in the garden gives students a unique advantage to grow beyond the traditional classroom.”

Click here to view the full article as a PDF as it appeared in print.

AUSB’s Graduate Education Department offers a variety of Masters and Credential Programs. Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or an experienced educator, we have a program that is tailored to your needs. To learn more, please visit antiochsb.edu/gradED.

Posted on January 15, 2016

Antioch University Santa Barbara Announces Presidential Search

Antioch University Santa Barbara campusAntioch University seeks applications and nominations for the position of President of Antioch University Santa Barbara. The next President will have the opportunity to lead a growing beautiful campus, to expand enrollment and foster the development of cutting-edge curricula, and innovative approaches to education for adult learners, and be an active member in a vibrant, close-knit community.

The start date is expected in early summer of 2016. Please visit the Employment section on the website for full details.

Posted January 8, 2016

PsyD Program Names 2015-16 Student Award Recipients

The Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at Antioch University Santa Barbara has announced its student award recipients for the 2015-16 academic year.

PsyD award winners 2015-16
From left: Kayleigh Hay, Suzanne Frost, Samuel Ballou, Michelle Greenspoon Barrett, Francisco Ramirez

Award for Excellence in Professionalism

Kayleigh Hay: Kayleigh is currently in her pre-doctoral CAPIC Internship at the Lifeskills Treatment Program in the Los Angeles area. Kayleigh has excelled in learning clinical supervision and management.

Suzanne Frost: Suzanne is a third year PsyD student, and her first practicum was at the Hillmont House, where she was also recognized for her outstanding contribution and professionalism as a doctoral student. Suzanne worked with the severely mentally ill in both group and individual therapy. This year she is providing therapy for students and their families at a local elementary school.

Samuel Ballou: Samuel is a third year PsyD student, and his practicum site is with A New Start for Moms in Ventura County Behavioral Health. He works with single-parent women and also with the homeless. He gained experience with quantitative research at UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Program. And he speaks five languages!

Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

Michelle Greenspoon Barrett: Michelle has completed and presented her dissertation on “The Relationship Between Empathy and Humor Styles and Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Public Mental Health Workplace,” passed her professional competency evaluation, and is on track to be placed in her pre-doctoral internship. Michelle has excelled in research and is a published author.

Award for Excellence in Social Justice

Francisco Ramirez: Cisco’s practicum site is the Santa Barbara Unified School District, and he works with children in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plans. He developed a non-profit organization with a colleague that provides mental health assistance to first responders. Cisco has been a police officer and also served five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

AUSB’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology prepares students for multiple roles in the field of psychology while promoting self reflection, clinical and research skills, and the development of theoretical knowledge required for a successful career. To learn more, visit www.antiochsb.edu/psyd.

Posted December 22, 2015

Teaching Credential Program Explores Math and Movement Workshop

Every year before Thanksgiving, the Teacher Credential program’s Real World Math class enjoys Jody Nelson’s workshop on Math and Movement.

Jody involves the teacher candidates in exercises with hula hoops, playground balls, and jump ropes. They learn hand games, team games, and physical activity to learn new ways to teach telling time and number sense. The human knot activity engages language, leadership, and trust.

The evening is most memorable for the laughter and camaraderie enjoyed by all in the program. See more photos from this workshop:

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Math and Movement

Learn more about the Teacher Credentialing options in the Graduate Education program at www.antiochsb.edu/gradED.

Posted December 17, 2015

$75,000 Grant Awarded for Healthy Aging Students

Healthy Aging concentrationAntioch University Santa Barbara has received a collaborative grant totaling $75,000 to support the training of qualified students enrolled in the Master’s in Clinical Psychology Program’s concentration in Healthy Aging.

The Santa Barbara Foundation Family Caregiver Systems and Support Grants award is aimed at improving caregiver capacity and integrated services for seniors. The Concentration in Healthy Aging’s unique approach builds on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families and community supports to overcome the challenges of aging.

“So many families struggle with caring for an elder loved one, yet there are few professionals uniquely trained to help them. This grant offers an unusual partnership opportunity for three markedly different organizations to respond immediately to an urgent community need,” says MA in Clinical Psychological Psychology Program Chair Elizabeth Wolfson. “Through AUSB’s Concentration in Healthy Aging, graduates will begin to fill the gap as they give back to our community. As the cadre of specialists in Healthy Aging and Caregiver Support grow exponentially, our community will benefit and serve as a model to other communities seeking to fill this gap.”

This grant was awarded for a pioneering project developed in partnership with Family Service Agency and Alzheimer’s Association. The funds will be directed to the education and training of Healthy Aging students who are being trained to provide emotional and psychological support to the growing numbers of community members who experience stress as a result of caring for an elder.

Through this grant students will receive scholarships and specialized training and mentorship as they work with client population of Family Service Agency and Alzheimer’s Association. The goal is to grow the numbers of qualified practitioners who can respond to the increasing needs of elders and their families and contribute their expertise to the community as a whole.

“It’s really exciting to be in the Healthy Aging concentration because I know that it’s going to provide me some benefits as I come out of the program,” said Cindy Mayer, a current student in the Healthy Aging concentration. “One of the things I feel I’m getting from this program is a really great baseline of knowledge on older populations, specifically clinical skills … and some of the generational issues that we have to address when working with older populations.”

The opportunity to apply for a scholarship up to $4,000 for a paid traineeship will be available to any MACP student who is already enrolled in or opts to move into the concentration in Healthy Aging. The opportunity to move into the Healthy Aging cohort is open to all students who began their course of study in Fall 2015 or will begin their study in Winter 2016.

Please contact Elizabeth (ewolfson@antioch.edu) or Mariela Marin, Director of Clinicial Training (mmarin1@antioch.edu) if you have questions.  If you are ready to pursue eligibility, please immediately contact Jackie Toth, Student Advisor at jtoth@antioch.edu.

Posted December 11, 2015

Antioch University Highly Rated By U.S. News for Serving Adult Students

Adult Learners at AUSBU.S. News released a report ranking schools based on the percentage of students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the 2014-2015 academic year age 25 or older, and Antioch University’s Midwest (AUM) campus came in as number one. When all five campuses are combined, the University as a whole would be ranked fifth in the country, demonstrating that Antioch University offers a very attractive learning environment for adult students.

Antioch University has a long history of serving adult students completing bachelor’s degrees or pursuing advanced degrees. The report ranked AUM first with 95 percemt of its students older than 25. Enrollment data for all of Antioch University’s five campuses throughout the U.S. shows that more than 82 percent of the university’s students are 25 or older have ranked the university as fifth in the nation.

The recent announcement on the U.S. News website states: “Not all students set out for college immediately after high school graduation. Some enlist in the military, spend time in the workforce or take time off to travel the world. For those who choose to go to college later in life, having classmates who reflect their age, interests and experiences can help ease the transition from the ‘real world’ to the world of an undergraduate student.”

The statement mirrors Antioch University’s focus, culture and emphasis on transformative education for working adults.

“Adult learners prefer to be in an environment with other adults, especially undergraduates who are returning to complete a degree,” said Felice Nudelman, chancellor of Antioch University. “For decades, we have tailored our academic programs, course scheduling, experiential learning opportunities and student services to help non-traditional students succeed. The U.S. News data, combined with our own research, demonstrates that the environment we have created is very attractive to students who are attracted to Antioch University.”

The University has a national and international reach through its five campuses in Keene, New Hampshire, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, Seattle, Washington, Yellow Springs, Ohio, its online programs through Antioch University Connected, and its PhD in Leadership and Change program. To learn more about Antioch University and its academic programs, visit antioch.edu.

About Antioch University

Inspired by the work of pioneering educator Horace Mann, Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice. With campuses in Keene, New Hampshire; Los Angeles; Santa Barbara; Seattle; Yellow Springs, Ohio; and online at AU Connected, Antioch University is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Posted December 9, 2015

MBA Workshop Focuses on Student Projects of First Graduating Class

MBA Class of 2015
MBA Class of 2015

The most recent workshop presented by Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Master in Business Administration (MBA) program focused on the student projects of the first graduating class.

Entitled “Antioch’s Got Talent: Business Ideas on Doing Well and Doing Good,” the workshop on Friday, December 4 focused on members of the graduating class of 2015 delivering a 6 to 8 minute “pitch” of the business idea they have hatched and refined over the course of their MBA studies. In keeping with the “not your average MBA” concept, these ideas run the gamut – and bring together passion, life experience, and the tools they have learned over the past 16 months.

A feedback panel included members of the MBA Advisory Board and was moderated by Ann Hutchins, adjunct faculty in the MBA program.

For more photos of the presentations at the workshop, please visit our Facebook page.

The projects presented on Friday:


Krista Stafford: “Wine, Women & Shoes” – uniting the community and creating awareness to end sexual and domestic violence

Launch Within a Year

Jeff Arthur: “I’ve Got Five On It” – a business to raise scholarship funds to keep students in college

Yvette Duarte: “The Nursing Home Project” – building respect for an aging population

Joan Mayer:”TransPaw Gear” – a dog-friendly harness

Molika Oum: “CozDrvn” – a cause-driven approach to building your wardrobe

Frank Thompson: “Next Steps” – an innovative transitional housing solution

Launch Date TBA

Noelle Hallman: “Fund Your Future” – a regular checkup with the retirement doctor

Heidi Huchthausen: “Medtronic LATAM Medical Education and Innovations Center” – a collaborative education center in Latin America

Nicole Piuze: “Uncommon Grounds” – a community creative space

AUSB’s innovative, 16-month MBA experience is rooted in the strategic leadership model and the philosophy that social responsibility and civic engagement are at the heart of transformative business practices. For more information on the program, please visit www.antiochsb.edu/mba.

Posted on December 7, 2015


Antioch To Offer Courses in Nature-Based Early Childhood Education

David Sobel
David Sobel

The Graduate Education and Credentialing program at Antioch University Santa Barbara will offer courses in Nature-Based Early Childhood Education during the week of January 4-8, 2016.

Educator and author David Sobel, who is core faculty and project director at the Antioch University New England Institute, will make a return visit to Santa Barbara to teach one of the courses. Sobel previously worked with AUSB on In Bloom in Santa Barbara in September and for a lecture also presented by the Wilderness Youth Project in April.

The available courses are:

Instructor: David Sobel (1.5 Units) M-F 8:30-12:00

Course Description: This course investigates ways in which children’s nature play can be used to invigorate the writing process. Making forts, hunting and gathering, constructing small worlds, going on adventures, and fantasy play are children’s instinctive ways of being in the natural world and these activities can be used as the basis for curriculum. We’ll use the surrounding neighborhood and hills to reconnect with childhood play. Out of these natural world experiences, each participant will craft a finished piece of writing by the end of the week.

Instructor: Ellen Doris and Andrew Lindsay (1.5 Units) M-F 1:00-4:30

Course Description: The best nature-based childhood teachers are knowledgeable about early childhood and local natural history. This course will focus on the natural history of the Central California Coast that most directly relates to being outdoors with children. Participants will learn the flora, fauna and natural phenomena that intrigue young children. We’ll also consider how tracking, gathering wild edibles, crafting and telling stories can encourage exploration. We’ll discuss both winter and spring natural history with a focus on keeping children engaged under hot and/or wet conditions.

These courses are electives in AUSB’s new proposed Certificate Program, or they can be used as electives for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education program. Those who want to take the classes as stand-alone experiences for their own interest or professional development are also welcome. Tuition is $679 per unit or $407 per unit for Antioch alumni. Continuing Education Units are available and included in tuition.

For more information or to reserve your space, please contact Kelly Pena at 805-962-8179 x5315 or kpena[at]antioch.edu.

Posted on November 18, 2015

AUSB Community Celebrates Dia de los Muertos with Dancing and Costumes

Coordinated by the Latino Student Association, a group of Antioch University Santa Barbara students, alumni, and staff hosted a Dia de los Muertos celebration on Friday afternoon.

Dr. Salvador Treviño, Core Faculty in the AUSB PsyD program, served as master of ceremonies, which focused on food, art, music, and culture. Several people took the mic and shared history and memories of family and Dia de los Muertos. Dancers from the Ballet Folklorico Alma de Mexico of Santa Barbara performed in brightly colored skirts.

The celebration featured huge amounts of food – taquitos, chips and salsa, beans, rice, guacamole, and more, all free to those who attended. The food was donated by Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant, Chipotle at La Cumbre Plaza, Del Pueblo Café, La Central Bakery in Oxnard, Lala’s Bakery in Ventura, and Maria Hernandez.

Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch ($25 gift cards), Orgullo Mexicano (three handmade tote bags), and Moum Designs (handmade earrings) also donated prizes for a raffle. The proceeds will benefit the Latino Student Association.

More photos are on the AUSB Facebook page.

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, the Latino Student Association gathered to build altars on the first floor in preparation for Friday’s celebration. See more photos from Wednesday’s altar building with more photos on the AUSB Facebook page.

Dia de los Muertos altar building

Dia de los Muertos altar building

Dia de los Muertos altar building

Dia de los Muertos altar building

Dia de los Muertos altar building

Dia de los Muertos altar building


2015 Cohort Completes Women & Leadership Certificate Program

The students in the second cohort of the Antioch University Santa Barbara Women & Leadership certificate program completed their third and final residency and were awarded their certificates last weekend.

Women & Leadership 2015
AUSB’s Women & Leadership Cohort of 2015 receiving their certificates.

The 13 members of the cohort started the program in January and have worked closely together through last weekend’s residency on personal and professional development skills and networking. Each woman produced an experiential leadership project as part of the program. This year’s projects are:

Carma Caughlan: Go Girl Equestrian Program
Andria Cohen: Andria Martinez Cohen for City Council 2015: The journey of a political novice
Le’Wanda Croft: Day of Serving
Paola Dela Cruz: Leading My Team
Jennifer Fullerton: Carpe Diem
Guille Gil-Reynoso: Evolving Latino Landscape
Shelby Harrington: Inclusivity in Academia: Creating Community by Expanding Knowledge
Sarah Hayes: Research on Global Impacts of Decentralized Textile Production
Charlene Macharia: ALL Ladies League Santa Barbara Chapter
Julie Morello: Leadership & Character Building with Children
Lesley Moss: On Site – Day Care
Lisa Myers: Patagonia Global Employee Engagement
Jessica Sanchez: Engaging and Attracting the Next Generation of Donors

Deckers group shot
Women from the current and past cohorts from Deckers Brands pose for a group photo.

Highlights from the weekend included a public presentation of all projects, a program completion ceremony, and a reception for family and friends. The program was led by instructors Carol Tisson, Jacqueline Olivera, and Cindy Levine and was supported by AUSB President Nancy Leffert, Board of Trustees member Susan Rose, W&L program coordinator Lindsay Crissman, and former W&L program director Judy Bruton.

For more photos of the weekend, visit the AUSB Facebook page.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2016 Women & Leadership Certificate Program – a unique, low-residency/virtual certificate program that prepares tomorrow’s leaders by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship to achieve professional and personal success. Learn more about the program at www.antiochsb.edu/wal and request more information about joining the 2016 cohort.

Posted on October 27, 2015