Virtual Writing Center

How to Submit Your Work to the VWC:

  • Access the VWC by going to
  • Click “Submit Your Writing” for our online writing support staff
  • Access the eWriting Lab (2nd one down on the right-hand side)

Log In for

  • To submit their writing for peer consultation, you must first log in with  Your AU student ID number is your username. And your initial password will follow this recipe:
    • Last 5 digits of the ID number followed by the capitalized first initial of your legal first name, then the lowercase first two letters of your legal last name.
  • This might be confusing, so please pay careful attention to these directions.
    • For example: the Initial Password for John Doe is 23456Jdo (Last 5 digits of ID number: 23456, First Initial (legal name, uppercase): J, First two letters of Last name: do).
  • After students have logged in, they’ll be directed to a page to update their information, change their passwords (six characters minimum), and input their time zone.
  • There’s also a helpful video on the AU eTutoring page!