The AUSB Writing Center provides free peer assistance with:

  • Writing (all forms)
  • Brainstorming and Invention Techniques
  • Argumentation
  • Introductions and Conclusions
  • Thesis Development
  • Paragraph Development
  • Supporting Points and Evidence
  • Transitions
  • Clarity
  • Integrating Quotes and Citations
  • Organization and Structure
  • English Language Learning (ELL)
  • MLA
  • APA
  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Adherence to Assignment
  • Entrance Essays
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Research and Citation Techniques
  • Résumé & CV Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Poster Writing
  • Conference Paper Presentation
  • Creative Writing
  • Tech support (Course Registration, VWC Tutorials)
  • MS Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel

If there is a specific skill not listed here, call or e-mail us with your inquiry. We may be able to help you!

What We Do, What We Don’t Do

What We Do:

  1. We help students find a process or plan that suits them.
  2. We ask questions, listen, and help strategize.
  3. We create a positive culture of learning.
  4. We recognize that the struggle to translate thoughts and feelings into words is universal.

What We Don’t Do:

  1. We do not tell, fix, judge, or shame.
  2. We do not function as an editing service. We help students become better editors of their own work; we do not edit for them or promise that they will leave a one-hour session with an error-free paper.
  3. We do not conduct research; however, we can assist students to improve their research skills.

How to Make an Appointment:

  1. Please read “What We Do, What We Don’t Do” (above) and review our policies (on our FAQ page).
  2. Use the “request form” below; email us at writingcenter.ausb[at]; call  or leave a message for us at 805-962-8179 ext 5110; drop by room 210 to see us; or use our “same day/next day” sign up sheet (room 210). If you email or call, please include the following information:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. What program you are in (BA, MACP, MAE, PsyD)
    3. A phone number and/or Antioch email where you can be reached
    4. A brief description of what you need assistance with
  3. Before attending your appointment, please review our FAQ, including “How should I prepare for my appointment and what should I bring?”

Cancellations:  If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance.


To request an appointment, ask a question, or send us a message, please complete the following form
  • Only Antioch email addresses will be responded to.