Student Support Services

Maximize Your Success

Student support services available to Antioch Santa Barbara students include:

  • Accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Advising and counseling for students on academic and social concerns which may involve interacting with faculty, medical, family, friends, and social services
  • Confidential support to enhance students’ ability to succeed with academic goals
  • Assistance for students who encounter sensitive problems or are coping with crisis, through support and referrals to appropriate resources
  • Short-term individual supportive counseling; diversity support groups; referrals to community counseling services
  • AUSB events where students and community members can meet in support of social justice issues
  • Learning assistance referral services for writing tutorial help

Current or Prospective students who have questions regarding services should contact Mary Morrison at 805-962-8179 Ext. 5130, or mmorrison4[at]