Campus FAQ

Below are answers and updates regarding the status of campus facilities. If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please use the form below to submit your inquiry.

Additional Questions


Previously, we did not limit the number of pages printed on campus printer/copiers, and, unfortunately, there were many reports of people taking advantage of that availability. As a result, we were using 59,000 sheets of paper a month! Our campus Green Team (an environmental advisory group made up of students, faculty, staff, and chaired by BA faculty member, Dr. Dawn Osborn) researched and recommended a number of important environmental changes during the design and planning of the new campus. I am proud to tell you that our new campus construction exceeds the State of California Title 24 energy efficiency standards. As part of the construction and the recommendations of the Green Team, unlimited free access to printing/copying will no longer be available. This change has not been implemented yet, but it will be soon. At that time, you will receive further information. In the meantime, we ask that you respect our environment and limit printing and copying to essential documents.

Bulletin Boards:

Small cork bulletin boards have been installed in each classroom for essential policy notifications. We are in the process of obtaining a different type of notice/posting bulletin board. They will be installed as soon as they are received and there will be notice/posting boards for each program and there will also be a place to post general/campus notifications.

Notification via Email:

Our academic programs and student service departments are increasingly using electronic methods to notify students, staff, faculty, and alumni of important community and/or programmatic information. As the new university portal is developed, it will be used increasingly for that purpose. Please remember that all official and campus notifications will be delivered via your email address.

Air Conditioning:

There has been some difficulty with the air circulation and air conditioning on the first floor during the active construction process and prior to the replacement of the cooling tower. The air circulation on the first floor involves a complex system of fresh air circulation and air conditioning. The fresh air circulation system is working, but it is insufficient in a few areas that receive a lot of afternoon sunlight (e.g., #118). Some classroom assignments have been temporarily rearranged to move classes from #118 during the hot parts of the day.  However, the long-term solution requires construction of a new cooling tower, which has been part of the construction design and plan since the beginning and it will be completed in the next few months.

Refrigerator/Microwave/Vending Machines:

After careful consideration, AUSB has reached the same conclusion as have other universities that for health and sanitation reasons, we will no longer provide kitchen facilities for students. The kitchen facilities at the Garden St. location were provided for faculty and staff use; they were not intended for student use. However, because of their location, it was difficult to restrict access. Unfortunately, the kitchen facilities were not kept clean, equipment was mistreated, faculty/staff personal dishes and utensils disappeared, the refrigerator became so crowded that necessary items for campus or classroom events could not be stored, and there were many reported instances in which efforts to keep areas clean inadvertently resulted in the disposal of something someone else wanted.
The design of the new campus includes the development of a Student Lounge and a Faculty/Staff Lounge. The Student Lounge is located in the area that is, unfortunately, still under construction on the third floor Patio Commons. We are in the process of developing an arrangement with a vendor who will provide a cold food concession in the Student Lounge that will enable students to purchase coffee drinks, and fresh pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other food and drink items. We don’t yet know how long it will take to complete health department requirements after the construction is complete. If we have not yet come to an agreement regarding the food concession at the point in time that the new elevator and Student Lounge construction is completed, the Student Lounge will be set up as another space for students to study, relax, and socialize. This is in addition to the Patio Commons, available seating in the third floor elevator lobby, and on the first and second floors. Vending machines and a microwave for student use are located on the third floor in the hallway connecting the elevator lobby to the west patio.
Please note: In planning for the new building, AUSB faculty requested a space for faculty/staff use only; it was agreed that this was a reasonable request. The construction of the new Student Lounge (described above) will provide students with the convenience of an area to purchase food items, sit, eat, study, and socialize. In the meantime, AUSB faculty and staff ask that you respect that the Faculty/Staff Lounge (#329) is for the exclusive use of faculty and staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to provide the entire AUSB community with an exceptional educational environment.

Bicycles and Parking:

There is a bicycle rack outside of the elevator lobby at the back of the building garage. Bicycles may be secured in that rack.
Keep in mind that you can park free in the commuter lot next door to our campus (at Cota and Santa Barbara St.) after 6pm. We purposely delayed the start of evening classes to 6:10 pm in order to allow students to park in this lot.

Campus Parking Garage Gates:

We received a report that someone who exited the elevator lobby into the parking garage was unable to get out of the parking lot gates. The doors to the elevator lobby remain unlocked during all hours of campus operation, and are locked when the campus closes for the night. We recommend that when exiting the building at night students exit the building toward Anacapa St. (As you get off the elevator, turn to your right and you will see a single door leading to a brick walking pathway that takes you toward Anacapa St. and does not go into the garage.)