Campus Stewardship

Antioch University Santa Barbara prides itself on being environmentally conscious and fostering an atmosphere of openness and respect. Each of us plays an important role in caring for our campus and community. We hope that the information on this page will help make our campus home greener, and keep it a welcoming, comfortable, accessible place for all members of our AUSB community to share.

A lot of thought and effort has gone in to making our campus home green while supporting our mission to be learner-centered. Learn about what we have done, what we are continuing to do, as well as what you can do to contribute to our success.

Your Antioch email address can save you time on paperwork!

According to Antioch University's email use Policy (Policy 8.103 available on the AU Portal, portal. The email system is and official means of communications for Antioch University. So, in many cases an email from an Antioch email address can be regarded as "signed" by the person to whom the account belongs. This means, for example, that you can complete an electronic form and email it to the registrar from your Antioch email account and you do not have to print the form out and physically sign it—sitting you paper and time! Likewise, if the form needs to be signed by both you and a faculty member, you can fill it out, email it to the faculty member, the faculty member completes his/her portion and emails it to the program Cordinator, program chair, whoever else may need it.

The policy goes on to state:

The University will consider faculty, staff or students to be duly informed and in receipt of notifications and correspondence sent by the university to user Email accounts. faculty, staff and students should frequently access their university assigned Email account for facial information.

That means that you are responsible to know what is in your Antioch email account, and having not checked is not an excuse. So, save yourself the trouble and check your Antioch email frequently.

Did You Know...?

…Our campus exceeds the standards established by the State of California for green buildings? In designing our campus, Architect Bob Kupiec was careful to select materials that were sustainable and environmentally conscious in terms of their manufacture. He utilized high performance lighting and an innovative mechanical plant and a cooling system that take advantage of Santa Barbara’s moderate climate to reduce the anticipated energy needs of the building by half. 

Architect, Bob Kupiec, talks about AUSB Campus:

Trash as we know it has really only been around for about 120 years! “Disposable” items that do not compost readily are a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet, landfills reshape the landscape in very real and noticeable ways? In January 1965, the Santa Barbara landfill was closed because the canyon that housed it was full. The canyon had become a hill. That hill is now the site of Elings Park. While the creation of Elings Park created a community resource, it is still alarming to think that an entire canyon was filled with trash. And we are well on our way to filling another canyon, Tajiguas canyon, with trash. To learn how you can help reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, check out the resources at


Have you ever wondered why some items can be recycled and others can’t?

Ever put something in the trash because you weren’t sure whether it could be recycled?

Or has it just been awhile since you learned what can be recycled and what can’t?

Nieve Tierney of Santa Barbara Recycles visited AUSB in 2012 to answer all of our questions. Here is the video of that presentation.

Save paper - read on screen

AUSB community members have access to millions of full text articles in newspapers, magazines, and research journals?  Seriously.  MILLIONS.

We also have a handy tool to help you find those millions of electronic resources. You can use the AU Find It Online to find out if a newspaper, journal, or magazine is available full-text online.

It will help you find e-books too! Most of the following collections can be accessed using Find It Online:

Library Director Christine Forte has lots of ideas to help you access, organize, and utilize electronic resources, and she would love to help you use educational technology better. Here are just a few of her ideas to help keep your research green(er):

You can access ebooks even if you don’t have an ebook reader through Kindle apps available for any mobile device or your laptop or desktop computer.

Use Adobe Reader to highlight and add notes to PDFs?  (Yep!  On your computer or your tablet, you can annotate using Adobe Reader – and it’s free!!)

    • Once you annotate your PDF you can save it to the Resources folder in My Workspace in Sakai or on your Google drive or other online file storage system (e.g., Dropbox).  (By creating folders in Resources you can keep your PDFs organized.)  This will allow you to access your annotated PDFs from anywhere.
    • Do you know about other ways to save your documents online so they are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection?  For example, the following file sharing applications are available in iTunes and the Android Marketplace: Dropbox, Box, Sugarsync, Skydrive.

Some textbooks are available as e-book rentals. They can be read on Kindle (or other ebook reader or app), highlighted and annotated. Check out these sites that well let you download books to an e-reader.

Consider Our Environment and the People Who Share It

In order to support Antioch University’s mission, processes and resouces for AUSB’s campus have been intentionally selected to provide a learner-centered environment.

Campus spaces were designed to encourage collaboration and open communication. State-of-the-art technology as well as the infrastructure to support tomorrow’s technology were incorporated. Furniture in classrooms and throughout the campus was selected to be modular and easily reconfigured to suppport different kinds of teaching and learning activities.

AUSB is very proud of our small classes. Many courses have fewer than 12 students, and it is very rare for a class to have more than 18 students. We will not put more than 25 students in a class without the permission of the faculty member teaching the course. The sizes of our classroom spaces reflects our commitment to maintaining small classes.

The furniture in our classrooms is easily movable to accommodate different configurations, however, for “larger” classes the tables need to be configured in a particular way to fit properly in the space. Diagrams are posted in each classroom showing how the furniture should be configured to accommodate different numbers of people. In classrooms with tables of different sizes, the tables have been marked with colored stickers on the legs to identify them—these colors are reflected in the posted diagrams.

We want you to feel at home on campus, and we need to keep this shared space “ready for company.” We have lots of visitors to our campus, and we want to make a good impression. We also owe it to each other to keep our campus home tidy. So, please, make use of our campus spaces *and* please leave those spaces at least as good as you found them. In other words, please leave spaces as you would like to find them.

We want to hear from you!

Have a flyer you would like posted on the bulletin boards around campus? Email it to or leave copies with the Receptionist at least one week in advance. All flyers appropriate to Antioch’s mission and will be posted for 30 days.

Need to post directional signs for an event? Please consult with Facilities regarding how best to do so. Signs can be posted at the Reception Desk—they have frames for this purpose. Signs can also be posted in the schedule holders outside your meeting room. Please do not tape signs to doors, windows, or walls. Tape is hard on surfaces and leaves a residue, even on glass, that is hard to remove. It may not be detectible, but over time tape residue builds up and requires extra cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Notice a problem that needs to be addressed? Use the form below or email This could be anything from a stain on the carpet, a burned out lightbulb, paper products out of stock in the restroom, etc. Don’t assume that someone else will notice. Let us know about it and it will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Have a great idea about how we could make our campus even more green or learner-centered? Email Or use the form below.

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