P A S T   S E M I N A R S

Navigating the DSM-V: 
There is Life After the DSM-IV TR

Saturday | October 12, 2013 | 9:30am -12:30pm Presented by Albert “Al” Munoz Flores, PsyD

This seminar will provide training for the mental health professional to navigate the new DSM-V.  The history of the development of the DSM-V will be discussed, along with the resistance that the new version initially received upon its release.

The Power of Compassionate Self-Inquiry: 
A Unique Clinical Approach to Addiction

Saturday | November 2, 2013 | 9:30am – 12:30pm Presented by Stuart S. Light, MA, MEd, LMFT

This seminar will help therapists understand the profound value and power of helping those with addictions begin a process of self-inquiry that draws on curiosity and self-love rather than condemnation and self-hatred.

Returning Home: 
Treating Veterans and Their Families

Saturday | January 25, 2014 | 9:30am – 12:30pm Presented by Kim Evans, LMFT

Participants will receive a brief overview of the military culture, issues arising from combat, who is a “veteran,” current treatments for Combat Stress, PTSD, and TBI, and a frank discussion on military suicide and sexual assault.

Pacing the Work with Trauma: 
Assessing Activation and Resiliency in the Therapeutic Process

Saturday | February 22, 2014 | 9:30am – 4:30pm Presented by Craig Penner, LMFT

This workshop will focus on the assessment of trauma, and ways to observe and cultivate a client’s resiliency as a crucial factor in the resolution process.

The Road Not Taken: 
Mining Nostalgia for the Riches of Mid-Life

Saturday | June 7, 2014 | 9:30am – 12:30pm
Presented by Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW

This seminar discusses the ways in which nostalgia can serve as a resource for inspiring creativity and cultivating life satisfaction in the second half of life.  Practitioners will gain tools to help clients access latent dreams, goals, and aspirations associated with nostalgia to cultivate creativity, meaningful productivity, while increasing life satisfaction.

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