“I am more confident in myself and my abilities.”

LeWanda Croft, Housing Specialist, Housing Authority of the County of SB

“The relationships I’ve made with my fellow classmates, as well as the leadership skills and mentorship opportunities, have been invaluable in helping me pursue my path in local politics.”

Andria Martinez Cohen, Loan Officer, National Development Council

“I’ve learned so much about myself and have been able to put the lessons into immediate action, enabling career opportunities that I couldn’t have dreamed of just a few months ago.”

Jennifer Fullerton, Sr. Manager, Global Master Data Management, Deckers Brands

“The leadership class has really changed my life. It forced me to act … and has given me strength and energy. Energy to believe that I am not ‘an imposter,’ that gender bias does exist, that you have to say ‘yes,’ and that it is our responsibility to fight for other women. I can easily say I would not be a VP at this time without the push this class gave me.”

Kim Heidt, Vice President, Global Store Operations, Deckers Brands

“The Women & Leadership Program at Antioch has taught me to be aware of women, gender, and the opportunities that await us all in the future. The dedication of the faculty and everyone involved in the program is outstanding.”

Keri Goldberg, Associate Director of Special Sales, SAGE Publications

“Having been awarded a scholarship, I feel privileged to have the experiences this course provides. I have met amazing women with varied talents and ambitions and developed several strong friendships. They will always be there to support me, and me them; their passion and strengths are inspiring.”

Julie McGloin, Executive Director, Straight Forward Success

“I was blown away by the realness of everything we are discussing. I felt like a leader but was going about it in the wrong way. I need a lot of advice right now in my career and am thankful for the women who are here.  My Mom would be proud.”

Cassie Gibson, UGG Australia Sales Operations Manager, Deckers Brands

“This Program, with its amazing faculty and incredibly supportive participants, has energized me and motivated me to step up and accomplish things I could only dream of. It has taken me to the next level.”

Tracey A. Ryan, Director, Systems Development, Publishing Technologies, SAGE Publications, Inc.

“Antioch SB’s Women & Leadership Certificate Program is a timely program that integrates history, current challenges, and daily skills necessary to move forward as a woman in the workplace. The course could have been taught at any time in the past but only today are all the pieces so relevant in society. This curriculum should be high on any achieving woman’s agenda.” 

Marcia R. Cohen, LCSW, AUSB Board of Trustees, Retired Marriage and Family Therapist, Community Volunteer

“As a CEO, I was very interested in career development opportunities for mid-level managers that would broaden their vision and increase their awareness of values, ethics, and leadership. No such programs existed. The Antioch Women & Leadership Program fills this need. It is a compelling program that will enhance mid-level women managers’ contribution to their organizations and their capabilities for authentic leadership.”

Kathryn M. Downing, Executive Coach, Galileo Coaching; Former Publisher, CEO and President, Los Angeles Times

Every generation of working women faces new challenges. Antioch University Santa Barbara recognizes the need to balance work and family concerns and the institutional barriers that still prevent women’s advancement. The AUSB Women & Leadership Certificate Program will provide strategies for our changing work environments: values-based leadership, mentorship, and new skills and abilities. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to grow professionally.

Hon. Susan Rose, Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, ret. Human Rights Watch, Co-chair Santa Barbara Committee, McCune Foundation Board of Directors

The design of this values-based leadership program for women is outstanding. It provides exactly the kind of support women need to overcome internal barriers and advance in their careers. It has been a pleasure to work with the advisory team.

Victoria Riskin, Board Chair, AUSB Board of Trustees, Writer, Producer, Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch

“Antioch University’s commitment in helping women achieve and experience expansive learning opportunities through this Women & Leadership Certificate Program is game changing for the university and our community.  I am thrilled to be a partner in advancing leadership strengths and in the development of women,  returning increased value to companies where they work and flourish.  Inspiring and enriching lifelong learning are shared values that great partnership are made of.”

Graciela Montgomery, Chief Human Resources Officer,
Deckers Brands

AUSB’s innovative new Women & Leadership Certificate Program will promote the development of strong values-based leaders who will be able to skillfully navigate both public and private venues with the goal of building healthy communities. The Santa Barbara Foundation is proud to lend its support to this important new program.”

Martha Harmon, Sr. Vice President of Community Investments
at Santa Barbara Foundation