Women & Leadership
Certificate Program

Empower Your Success with AUSB’s 10-Month, Low-Residency Program

The Women & Leadership Certificate Program combines the study of values-based leadership and gender with Antioch’s unique educational model of applied and experiential learning.  Curriculum includes:

  • The history and status of women as leaders: progress, challenges and opportunities in economic, social and political justice;
  • Strategies, skills and support that enable women’s success as leaders;
  • Values-based leadership principles, skills and practice;
  • Leading change and building cultures of inclusion, accountability and teamwork;
  • Building a congruent leadership brand and presence, in person and on-line;
  • Creating and executing a leadership project that represents your leadership purpose/brand and results in positive change;
  • Ongoing dialogue and coaching with peers, faculty and stakeholders, and skills to build and maintain a strong ongoing network of support.

Generous donors have earmarked substantial AUSB scholarships specifically for W&L students, to support the leadership of women who work primarily in our community’s non-profit and public sectors.  Inquire about scholarship opportunities! » 



The Women & Leadership Certificate Program combines the study of leadership and gender within Antioch’s unique educational model that combines applied and experiential learning.

Antioch University Santa Barbara
  • The history, research, principles, and practice of values-based leadership
  • A moderated discussion of the role of family and gender in the context of female leadership
Antioch University Santa Barbara
  • The design and execution of an individual leadership project in your field of interest
  • Training in communication and problem-solving skills
Antioch University Santa Barbara
  • Individual assessments that support a unique leadership training program
  • Exceptional mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Study the principles & practice of values-based leadership
  • Enhance your success in business, public/political, & non-profit venues
  • Build a network of mentors and peer leaders in other institutional & community contexts
  • Low-residency/virtual program
  • Next cohort begins January 2017

A complete application for the Women & Leadership program includes:

  • An online application
  • Application fee payment of $50.00 (or fee waiver)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resumé
  • Admission essay

Applications are currently being accepted – Apply Now!


This program takes place over 10 months, anchored by three 2½ day residencies at our beautiful Santa Barbara campus. The residency dates for 2017 will be January 27-29, May 19-22, and October 20-22. In between the three residency sessions, students will take advantage of AUSB’s virtual online classroom that links students and faculty for ongoing study, enabling students to fit this important educational and experiential opportunity into their busy lives.



At the outset of our Program, each student will take a series of individual assessments to help them identify unique strengths and challenges as a leader. The history and status of women as leaders in individual fields of interest, with particular focus on the issues that support or hinder that achievement, will be studied. Important issues related to economic and social justice; the interrelationship of business, public/political, and non-profit venues; work-life balance, self-care, and mentoring/networking will be closely examined. Values-based leadership and communication skills will be discussed and taught. Students will create and present individual leadership projects in collaboration with faculty, mentors, and peers; and complete a plan to fulfill their individual future leadership goals.


  • The Influence of Gender on Leadership: Case Studies of Female Leaders, Past & Present
  • The Practice of Values-Based Leadership: Progressive and Effective Leadership Training
  • Experiential Leadership Project

Full Course Descriptions

Tuition for the entire program is $9,000.

Federal financial aid is not available for this program, however AUSB has a number of institutional scholarships. All interested candidates are welcome to apply.




“The leadership class has really changed my life. It forced me to act … and has given me strength and energy. Energy to believe that I am not ‘an imposter,’ that gender bias does exist, that you have to say ‘yes,’ and that it is our responsibility to fight for other women. I can easily say I would not be a VP at this time without the push this class gave me.”

– Kim Heidt, Vice President, Global Store Operations, Deckers Outdoor Corporation

“This Program its amazing faculty and incredibly supportive participants, has energized me and motivated me to step up and accomplish things I could only dream of. It has taken me to the next level.”

– Tracey A. Ryan, Director, Systems Development, Publishing Technologies, SAGE Publications, Inc.

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