Message from the PsyD Chair

Message from PsyD Chair, Ron Pilato:

Dear Incoming Doctoral Students:

Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is grounded in the humanistic values held by the college’s founders of over a century ago. Our program holds true to Antioch’s university-wide mission statement, in that it is learner-centered and that it “empower[s] students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.” Designed in the practitioner-scholar model following the highest standards and competencies, it is a unique program that blends current cutting edge psychological research and practice with the traditional Antioch value of community engagement for the social good. We are proud that our five-campus university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Our program is systemically oriented, which means that we aim to understand psychological phenomena in relation to the contextual aspects of a particular situation or issue. Healthy and unhealthy factors are considered not only from the perspective of the individual, but from the family and other systems in which development and potential thriving occurs. In addition, you can expect to be engaged in a curriculum that spans broad and general areas of clinical psychology science and practice and that supports you in developing into a psychologist who is contextually oriented and deeply appreciative of diversity. We wish to prepare you for the ever changing field of psychology and to assist you in thriving in your hopes and dreams to the best of your abilities. Fortunately, advocacy is a burgeoning area in the field, so you will find the community engagement aspects of our curriculum relevant to local and national contexts. You will be engaged in clinical traineeships that focus on the marginalized and underserved in our communities. We are proud of our alumni, who bring us stories of the meaningful work they are doing in their communities and how this work touches their lives and the lives of others in profound ways.

We are pleased to be able to invite individuals into our program who fit well within a small, sequential, face-to-face weekly format where life purpose is nurtured and multiple ways of knowing in a diverse world are respected. We have an outstanding array of faculty with a variety of clinical orientations and expertise in our blended core and adjunct faculty pool. Our core faculty members are on campus all day Tuesday through Friday, with the exception of week 13 of each term. We spend a good deal of our time in advisory and mentoring endeavors with you. Our adjunct faculty members are equally committed to your success. We get to know each and every one of you as unique individuals. We look forward to building relationships with you through your academic and clinical studies and getting to know of you. We are honored to share this time with you through your doctoral journey.


Ron Pilato, PsyD, Chair of Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology