As with any doctoral program, coursework is only the beginning of doctoral training. In order to graduate, our students must complete a clinical dissertation and a predoctoral internship, and must present their clinical achievements through the Professional Competence Evaluation (PCE).

Each of those elements is described in more detail on the following pages:

Year 1
Years 2-5
Competence Evaluation (PCE)
Comprehensive Examination

Full-time students will enroll for 11- 13 units per quarter over 9-12 quarters (depending on whether enrollment is at the post-bachelor’s level or post-master’s advanced standing level) and a 1-unit year-long full time internship for a total of 108-144 quarter units. Coursework consists of foundational course work taken during the first two years in the program, and clinical intervention and assessment courses, including courses.

In addition, students take 12 units of courses in Family Forensic Psychology, which includes training in child custody evaluation. Fifteen units of Professional coursework, 18 units of Practicum and Clinical Application courses, and 9 units of Clinical Dissertation complete the degree program.