Program Overview

Our MFA program enables creative thinkers to take their ideas into a diverse range of storytelling media: print and digital writing, film, stage and television scripts, journalism, radio, podcasts, and video games.

AUSB’s student-centered MFA program empowers writers to explore the ever-changing landscape of storytelling through numerous genres: film and television, stage, journalism, radio, video games, and more. Through intensive study and mentorship, students strengthen their creative thinking and writing skills, applying those skills to their chosen focus. With this balance of creative expression and practical application, our graduates are able to:

  • Write creatively and persuasively across a range of genres and formats
  • Employ a full range of story-crafting techniques in various professional settings
  • Understand how to match the right creative goal with the right genre and media platform
  • Apply innovative narrative strategies to professional communication
  • Understand how to market and sell their own creative product
  • Emerge with a publication-ready, full-length work within a chosen genre

The AUSB low-residency MFA program consists of 48 units of coursework completed over four semesters. Each semester begins with a 7-day residency in our picturesque Santa Barbara setting, in which students and faculty engage in intensive study and community-based learning. The remainder of the semester takes the collaborative process into our virtual setting, allowing students the freedom to pursue their creative projects with continued mentorship from their instructor.

During their program, students can opt to devote one semester to studying with students and faculty in the MFA Creative Writing program at Antioch’s Los Angeles campus.

The MFA program helps students meet the following goals:

1—Understanding of the Creative Process: The MFA graduate understands his/her own creative process and cognitive strengths, and possesses strategies for applying that knowledge towards successful writing goals.

2—Critical Assessment and Application: The MFA graduate is adept at analyzing his/her own writing and its effect on targeted audiences.

3—Developing Media Awareness: The MFA graduate understands the unique distinctions that exist between different media platforms: print, television, film, stage, radio, podcasting, video games, and digital multimedia.

4—Communicating Experience: The MFA graduate possesses full understanding of how to transform actual or fictional experience into narrative through competent and imaginative writing.

5—Specialization: The MFA graduate emerges from the program with a full-length, publication-ready work, as well as strategy for the final product’s marketing and presentation.

6—Professional Preparation: The MFA graduate has expertise in a chosen genre, and can produce creative work suitable for the right professional setting.

MFA Program Benefits

  • Strengthen narrative skills and apply them to multiple genres.
  • Successfully write for a range of media platforms.
  • Apply creative communication skills in professional settings.

This program provides opportunities for any writers/communicators seeking to advance creative abilities in a variety of personal and professional settings, including:

  • Print/Broadcast Journalist
  • Published Fiction/Non-fiction Writer
  • Professional Editorialist
  • Filmmaker/Scriptwriter
  • Playwright
  • Interactive Game Writing
  • Public Speaker
  • YouTube Content Creator
  • Podcaster


The AUSB MFA in Writing and Contemporary Media provides students with a supportive writers’ community that encourages student appreciation and pursuit of imaginative writing focusing on all forms of contemporary media. Empowered with crucial knowledge about the past, present and future of their discipline, students are prepared to make innovative and significant contributions in their field by incorporating the core values of Antioch University in the profession and craft of writing.

AUSB MFA Writing & Contemporary Media Program Overview