•  Create for-profit businesses and organizations with a focus on particular social needs.
  • Operate and manage businesses and organizations that advance social responsibility and civic engagement.
  • Demonstrate strategic leadership in a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit environments.

Length of

Complete your MBA with a focus on socially responsible business in 4 semesters over the course of 16 months of full-time study (each semester is 4 months long.) Our program is designed for busy students who balance multiple responsibilities of work and family. To accommodate the needs of today’s students, we have created a low residency, hybrid program of study that will meet face-to-face once a month (starting at 2:00 pm on Friday with classes continuing on Saturday) in our beautiful downtown Santa Barbara campus. Students will continue their learning between the once a month meetings via virtual on-line classroom that will allow for optimal learning throughout the program.

Our unique low-residency model creates a rich in-person learning environment and allows for maximum flexibility. Our MBA Program provides students with the ability to complete an advanced degree despite the demands of other responsibilities. With very few structured program requirements, individual students may elect to participate in the program on a part-time basis.

and Fees

Current tuition for the MBA program is $925 per semester unit, whether you are a California resident, out-of-state, or international student. For the 36 units required to graduate, the total tuition cost for a full-time student is $33,700.*

*Tuition costs are subject to an adjustment on an annual basis.


  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Manager or Executive in a For-Profit Corporate Environment
  • Manager or Executive Specializing in Corporate Philanthropy
  • Manager or Executive of a Non-Profit or Non-Government Organization (NGO)
  • Leader in Community Engagement in Public or Private Sector
  • This Program may also appeal to the active community board volunteer and the lifetime learner who is interested in exploring these fascinating, timely, and important topics.


AUSB’s MBA program will provide students with an understanding of the importance of social responsibility and stewardship. These are vital components of leadership, and will assist in meeting challenges of the future. Through a flexible Integrative Strategy Project students will explore leadership issues in social enterprises, non-profits, and traditional businesses.

Sample courses:

  • Introduction to Social Business, Non-Profit Management, and Strategic Leadership
  • Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity: Developing Human Resources in Changing Environments
  • Entrepreneurship & Leading Change
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Integrative Strategic Management
  • Global Philanthropy & Social Responsibility