Set your academic and professional future on the fast track to success
with our innovative BA-to-MBA Pathway Program.

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Community College Students

Know Today Where You’ll Be Tomorrow! AUSB’s MBA Pathway Program provides an efficient, cost-effective way to lock in your academic track through graduate school NOW.  Eligible students who are accepted into this program while still attending SBCC or other accredited colleges will enjoy advance admission into the BA completion program and to the MBA in Social Business, Non-Profit Management, and Strategic Leadership.* You will also receive high transfer credits and Pathway grants of up to $4,500-$1,000 applied toward your BA tuition, and $3,500 toward your MBA tuition.

* Based on meeting specific academic criteria.

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Current AUSB Students & Alumni

Current Antioch BA students accepted into the MBA Pathway program will receive a prorated BA Pathway Grant based upon the amount of time left to complete their undergraduate degree, in addition to the full $3,500 MBA Pathway Grant.

Antioch University alumni from any of the five campuses are also eligible to apply for the Pathway Program to earn an MBA, and will receive the $3,500 MBA Pathway Grant portion toward their tuition.

Antioch University Santa Barbara

If you envision an MBA in your future, we encourage you to apply for the BA-to-MBA Pathway Program as soon as possible, in order to optimize your chances for success. You will be asked to submit the following:

  • Online application
  • Application fee payment or waiver
  • Official transcripts
  • Resume
  • Admission essays

See the How to Apply section below for details.

How to Apply

  • Online application
  • Application fee payment or fee waiver
  • Official transcripts from all current and previously attended colleges or universities
  • High school transcript or proof of GED completion if applying with less than 90 quarter units (60 semester units) of transferable credit
  • Resume
  • Admission essays

Please send your resume and completed essays as an email attachment (Word document or PDF) to:, with the following in the subject line:  (your first and last name), BA-to-MBA Program. The essay portion of your admission application is strongly considered and you are encouraged to follow all instructions closely. Essays should demonstrate your best writing quality. It is expected that you complete this essay (including any form of editing and revisions) without the assistance of anyone else; any essay submission that does not follow this guideline is considered fraudulent.

Formatting guidelines for all essays: Double spaced, 12pt Times or Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins, top right header on every page (in all capital letters):  first and last name, BA-to-MBA PROGRAM, page number.

Essay One: 
In one, four-page essay, please respond to questions #1-4.  In addition to the four page essay, if your GPA is below 3.0, please provide a one page response to Question #5.

1. Choosing to complete your bachelor’s degree at AUSB is a major life decision. Looking back over your life, what do you see as the major events, experiences, accomplishments, and failures that have brought you to where you are today?
2. Successful completion of the Antioch University BA degree requires the ability to be self-motivated and engage in independent learning. Drawing from similar situations in the past, describe how you motivate yourself to learn, especially when faced with challenging material.
3. Looking forward, describe your educational, career, and personal goals and how the completion of your bachelor’s degree at AUSB can help you accomplish those goals.
4. Think of a time in which you faced a challenge or hardship. How did this experience shape who you are? What did you learn about yourself in that process? What were your strengths and what could you have done differently?

If your GPA is below 2.5, please respond to the following question:
5. Discuss the factors that contributed to your current GPA and how, specifically, you will mitigate those factors to be successful in upper-division classes at Antioch University.

Essay Two: 
In a short essay, please respond to the question:  What in your life and academic experience to this point, do you credit for preparing you to enter this “pathway” to graduate study in Business?

Phase One – An application is considered review-ready once the following are received by the Office of Admissions:

  • Admission application (including application fee or fee waiver)
  • Unofficial or official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities
  • Admission essays

Phase Two – Upon recommendation from the Admissions Committee an applicant is scheduled for an interview with MBA Faculty

Phase Three – Upon successful completion of the interview and recommendation from the Admissions Committee, the applicant is notified via email (only) of an offer of admission into the BA program and conditional admission into the MBA program. *BA degree conferral and final endorsement from the BA Program Chair are required for full admission into the MBA program.

Antioch University Santa Barbara particularly seeks qualified candidates who will contribute to building a student population diverse in gender, ethnicity, age, class, physical differences, learning styles, sexual orientation, professional backgrounds, and community experiences.

Please contact:
 Office of Admissions
 805.962.8179 ext. 5301 or