Healthy Aging

*Courses offered online or on weekend.

Total Units 96Healthy Aging Plan of Study
First Quarter(10.5 units)
PSC504Human Development and Diversity (3) *
PSC505AMulticultural Awareness: Self, Culture, and Context (3)
PSC532ACrisis, Disaster and Emergency Response (1.5) *
PSC501ATheories of Psychotherapy in Context (3) *
Second Quarter(11 units)
PSC503AResearch Methods (3) *
PSC524Contemporary Theories of Psychotherapy (2)
PSC520AClinical Skills I: The Psychotherapeutic Relationship (3)
PSC561Social, Cultural, and Systemic Aspects of Aging (3)
Third Quarter(15 units)
PSC550BDomestic Violence: Spousal, Elder and Child Abuse (3) *
PSC507ATheories of Family Systems (3)
PSC560Healthy Development Throughout the Aging Process (3) *
PSC508Psychological Assessment: Evaluating Individuals and Systems in Context (3) *
PSC506APsychopathology (3)
Fourth Quarter(11.5 Units)
PSC507Clinical Skills with Families and Couples (3)
PSC522Group Theories (1.5) *
PSC538BProfessional Ethics and the Law (3)
PSC520BClinical Skills II: The Psychotherapeutic Process (3)
PSC538DProfessional Orientation (1) *
Fifth Quarter(12 units)
PSC 520The Process of Group Psychotherapy (3)
PSC562Clinical Skills with Older Adults (3)
PSC650FPracticum I: Clinical Evaluation and Crisis Intervention With Older Adults (3)
PSC546Psychopharmacology for Therapists (3) *
Sixth Quarter(12 units)
PSC531AIntimate Relationships (3)
PSC650GPracticum II: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with Older Adults and Their Families (3)
PSC545ASubstance Related Disorders and Other Addictive Behaviors (3) *
PSC563ALoss and Bereavement Through the Life Cycle (3)
Seventh Quarter(13 units)
PSC530Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents (3)
PSC551Community Mental Health (3)
PSC555BSubstance Related and Co-Occurring Disorders in the Older Adult (2)
PSC650HPracticum III: Clinical Interventions With Older Adults and Their Families (3)
PSC507HAdvanced Family Therapy: Special populations (2) *
Eighth Quarter(11 units)
PSC532Trauma Counseling (3)
PSC650IPracticum IV: Integrating Clinical Skills With Older Adults and Their Families (3)
PSC537BHuman Sexuality and Counseling (3)
PSC507IAdvanced Family Therapy: Evidence Based Practice (2) *
Total Units 96