California Educational MFT Stipend Program

The California Department of Mental Health (State) has initiated the MFT Educational Stipend Program with plans to award educational stipends to MFT students to address the statewide workforce need for mental health practitioners in underserved communities.

The Goals of the State’s MFT Educational Stipend Program:

  1. To recruit MFT graduates with capacity to serve the culturally diverse needs of persons in mental health care
  2. To prepare recruited MFT graduates in the delivery of mental health services that promote wellness, recovery and resilience, and
  3. To recruit into MFT academic programs individuals who have experience in the public mental health system as clients or family members of clients.

The long-range objective of the MFT educational stipend program is to promote public mental health as a career option for those entering the MFT profession. Towards that end, the stipend program promotes curriculum development in MFT graduate institutions that prepares MFT graduates for public mental health practice.

The Mental Health Services Act

The State’s stipend program is funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Enacted in 2005, the mission of MHSA is to transform California’s public mental health delivery; in part, with mental health professionals dedicated to community service and to the care of those living with mental illness, by inspiring hope in their recovery, focusing on their personal strengths, respecting their cultural perspectives and learning from their lived experiences as consumers.

Application Materials

Application for the 2016-17 MFT Stipend Program will become available Summer 2016. Use the links below to download program information and the application form regarding the 2015-16 application process:

2015-16 MFT Stipend Program Application Guide (PDF)

2015-16 MFT Educational Stipend Program Information (PDF)

2015-16 MFT Stipend Application Form (PDF)

For more information on the California State Stipend Program go to Phillips Graduate Institute.