BA-to-MACP Pathway



Eliminate uncertainty and set your academic and professional future on the fast track to success with Antioch University Santa Barbara’s (AUSB) innovative BA-to-Graduate Pathway Programs. By applying for admission through one of our Pathways, eligible undergraduate students are able to lock in their academic track through one of the following graduate programs: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology or Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD).

  • Know Today Where You’ll Be Tomorrow! Lock in your academic track through graduate school NOW.
  • Streamline your admission process. The Pathway Program allows students to simultaneously apply for admission to the BA Program and gain provisional admission to one of three graduate programs. (Full acceptance granted upon BA conferral; based on meeting specific academic criteria).
  • Save on tuition with a Pathway Grant and high transfer units. Those accepted will into the into AUSB’s Pathway Program will receive a $1,000 Pathway Grant that will be applied toward BA tuition, and a $3,500 Pathway Grant that will be applied toward graduate tuition. You can also transfer up to 80 units from community colleges to AUSB.

Pathway for Current Students & Alumni

Current Antioch BA students accepted into a graduate Pathway program will receive a prorated Pathway Grant based upon the amount of time left to complete their undergraduate degree, in addition to the full $3,500 Pathway Grant.

Antioch alumni are also eligible to apply for the Pathway Program to earn a graduate degree and will receive the $3,500 Pathway Grant portion towards their tuition.


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