Abstracts Corner

Abstracts are a part of each master’s thesis. With no more than 120 words, a researcher must summarize her/his research. Here are a few recent examples from Antioch MAE students who were not involved in K-12 education.

Lynne Simpson-Zell
Language Acquisition through Culture Contact

The focus of the present research was to determine if international students seek integration into the host community and how doing so may benefit language acquisition. Force field analysis was used to reach consensus on the educational goals of sojourners while abroad in the United States. A focus group interview was also conducted to reach agreement on these objectives. Responses prompted by research reference motivating factors for student intentions, supports and hindrances for accomplishment of goals, and student perception of language experiences in and out of the ESL classroom. Results conclude that the average sojourner seeks acculturation with American social networks for language acquisition but often finds this difficult to achieve. Language learning, like most learning, is more meaningful when introduced in context and through practice.

Adela Esquivel-Swinson
A FERPA Awareness of Staff at Allan Hancock College: A Needs Assessment And Evaluation of Employees After FERPA Professional Training

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a Federal law that requires compliance by all educational institutions that receive federal funding. FERPA protects the privacy of students’ academic records. The researcher an administrator at Allan Hancock College has been given the responsibility of the college’s FERPA compliance. Currently, the college does not have a FERPA training program. A 17 item survey was developed and distributed electronically to 1378 staff members. The survey compares the results of previously trained and untrained employees. Results suggest that Allan Hancock College staff need additional FERPA training. The researcher anticipates that a taskforce group will need to be formed to review the data analysis and to make recommendation for FERPA training.

Gloria Desales
Snap Shot of Overweight Services for Latino Youth in the California South Coast Area

The study provides a picture of what is being done by the health education service community to remedy overweight in Latino youth within the Santa Barbara area. I chose this population because overweight among Latino youth is greater than among Non-Hispanic Whites. A critical ethnographic method was used. It provides an opportunity to listen to the people most immediately involved. I interviewed medical and educational professionals that offer health education services to young Latinos in the Santa Barbara area. Categories that emerged from the analysis of interviews include, Opinions, Recommendations, Plans for Action, Actions, and Barriers. Information derived from the analysis of the interviews helped me make suggestions to advocate for systematic change.