Spring 2012 Newsletter

The AUSB Education Department compiles a quarterly newsletter of recent activities including Department, Faculty and Alumni News. We hope you will enjoy the information about the MA in Education and Teacher Credential Programs.

The Master of Arts in Education…  Not just for K-12 Teachers!

For a long time the Master of Arts Degree in education has been seen as a professional development option for K-12 teachers. This is, of course true, but students are now realizing that the degree enhances professional status in other areas as well.  This edition’s Abstracts Corner  offers three examples of this.  Lynne Simpson-Zell applies her degree to her work with adult international students; Gloria Desales is a community activist for health education and Adela Esquivel-Swinson applied her degree and thesis to her work as a community college administrator.

A Master’s Degree in Education may also be an appropriate professional degree for individuals who work with organizations that do staff development or are involved in product use training. Master’s thesis topics are often directly related to the student’s employment thereby allowing the Masters student to specifically align their topic with their work. Sometimes, the thesis IS the work. For example, one recent student completed a program evaluation for accreditation purposes as part of her duties as a program chair. This was her thesis topic as well. Such “real world” thesis topics are ideal and can greatly inform the work of any professional involved with the distribution of knowledge, ideas or procedures.

Contributions To The Newsletter

The Education Programs Newsletter, published quarterly, is very interested in articles from and about our alumni, and we intend to include more of them in this newsletter.

Submissions should relate to your professional work and may include references to your Master’s Degree and/or credential work here at Antioch Santa Barbara. Submissions should be about 300 words or less. Photographs can also be considered. Please send your articles and photographs to Gary Delanoeye at gdelanoeye@antioch.edu.  The next newsletter will come out at the end of March or early April.

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