MA Education – Curriculum

Our schedule is arranged for working professionals. Core courses prepare students to examine their own work in the context of educational reform while specializing in their individual interest areas.

MA in EducationTotal Units 45
Early Start Fall Quarter(Units 10)
TEP614Educational Research Methods (3)
TEP613A Sociological and Curricular Perspectives in Schools as Organizations (4)
TEP630Soc Justice Education (3)
Winter Quarter(9 Units)
TEP616 Critical Evaluation of Education Research (3)
TEP618 Leadership and Educational Reform (4)
Elective (2)
Spring Quarter(9 Units)
TEP619 Producing and Disseminating Educational Research (3)
TEP631 Resilience and the School Community (3)
Elective (3)
Summer Quarter(11 Units)
TEP632 Research Practicum (3)
Electives (8)
Fall Quarter(6 Units)
TEP621A Thesis Study (6)
Total Units 45