Recollections from an Antioch Alumnus

It seems unbelievable that I just completed my fourth year of teaching Kindergarten. It just seems like yesterday I was student teaching, attending classes, writing reflection after reflection, and getting ready for my two-week takeover. As I was thinking about another year coming to a close, I thought about the two-year process that was my teaching credential and masters at Antioch University in Santa Barbara. I couldn’t be more thankful that life’s journey led me to Antioch. During my two years at Antioch I was inspired, motivated, and supported. I was taught wholly, with the understanding that every person needs to be educated mind, body, and spirit. The staff, advisors, and master teachers helped guide me into being the best teacher I could be. Antioch’s emphasis on social justice and ecological literacy opened my eyes and has helped me to be a better and more aware citizen of the world.

Antioch may not be the biggest university or have the largest education library, but the education department of Antioch does have a huge gift that they give to their students year after year; the gift of continuous support, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, insight, and the tools necessary to help future educators grow into being the best they can be. I am thankful because I know attending Antioch has helped me to be the best
educator that I can be, they have taught me to be aware of every student’s individual needs, to appreciate the world and to take care of our environment, to be aware of injustice and not be afraid to take action and to never stop growing or learning. So, as I lock up my classroom and take down my bulletin boards I am thankful to
Antioch University for helping me get to this place in my life and for where it will continue to take me.

Aana Strickler, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, 2008 and Master of Arts in Education (2009)