Abstract Corner

Abstracts are a part of each master’s thesis. With no more than 120 words, a researcher must summarize her/his research. Here are a few recent examples from Antioch MAE students who were not involved in K-12 education.

Corporate Inspiration – A Study
Helena Day Breese

The focus of my research is the study of Corporate Inspiration – a hitherto unresearched quality of business. Corporations are powerful entities with the legal rights of real people and the financial power to influence politics and therefore the course of society. Inspiration is a profound medium of communication that has propelled our species’ survival and evolution. Two recent books written by the founders of inspirational corporations were used as a data source for the study. A constant comparative analysis method was used to generate themes that were later categorized and used as the basis for a discussion on corporate inspiration. The results indicate that a corporation manifests the philosophy of its founder and the inspiration generated taps into a profound paradigm shift in our society. Therefore corporate inspiration is a powerful mechanism for positive change.

Evaluating Current Teacher Retention Efforts
Jennifer “JJ” McLeod
The focus of the research was to evaluate current efforts taken to improve Teacher Retention within Santa Barbara County. Literature and current data from a national view was compared to our local data through the County Education Office. The data gathered was both qualitative and quantitative using both one-on-one interviews as well as surveys sent to current teachers in the field. Data were then evaluated to see how induction programs have helped teacher retention in Santa Barbara County. Results suggest that induction programs do not only help prepare new teachers for their careers but actually have improved retention within the last five years.