“Just Communities” and AUSB Education Department Form Partnership

Just Communities and Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Master of Arts in Education program have formed a new partnership. Students may earn up to three quarter credits towards their Master’s Degree when they participate in Just Communities’ Institute of Equity in Education (IEE) in June, 2012 and enroll to begin the Master’s Degree Program at Antioch Santa Barbara in the Fall, 2012.

Just Communities’ IEE is a comprehensive program to eliminate the achievement gap and other forms of educational disparities in our schools. IEE is a 4.5-day residential workshop for educators in California’s Central Coast. IEE helps teachers, counselors, administrators, parent leaders, board members, and other school and district staff increase their understanding of how race, socioeconomic class, and individual and institutional bias affect teaching and learning.

Just Communities brings people together to overcome differences and common challenges. The goal is to build relationships of trust and respect and strengthen the fabric of our neighborhoods and communities. In order to do so, Just Communities works to gain common understanding of the root causes of inequities and divisiveness so that we can develop joint and fair solutions that benefit us all.

Just Communities workshops focus on various topics of inequity. The workshops are designed to increase understanding of how we are impacted by racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and what our unique roles are in dismantling oppression based on our own identities. Workshops are for people interested in becoming more conscious of how these “isms” are harmful to people’s lives and wish to understand and address issues of equity and inclusion in their own lives, their workplaces, and their communities.


Workshops typically address:

  • Socialization and stereotyping
  • Developing a common language
  • Examining our own socialization, biases, and experiences
  • Privilege and targeting
  • Internalization and superiority
  • Privilege and target group collusion
  • Breaking the cycle of oppression
  • Transformation to a cycle of liberation

For credentialed teachers already working in schools that send teams to IEE, this partnership represents a great opportunity to get started on a Master’s Degree in Education while engaging in a district sponsored activity.

Professionals working for non-profits, higher education or organizations that do staff development may also find that a Master’s Degree in Education is of great value! For these people, participation in IEE provides an excellent opportunity to address equity issues while earning academic credit towards the Master’s Degree.

For more information on Just Communities, visit their website and the Institute of Equity in Education visit: www.just-communities.org