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This annual trip to the Channel Islands intends to provide Antioch Credential Candidates with an overview of our local natural and human history and with the marine environment. Awareness of, and the ability to address environmental and ecological topics in K-12 classrooms is an essential part of the Antioch Credentialing Programs! This year, the trip was to Scorpion Anchorage on the north-east corner of Santa Cruz Island, below.






MAE students are pictured below, having arrived at the Potato Harbor overlook. They are, from left to right, Cassie, Gabriela, Johanna, Andreea and Abby

Conditions on the water were good, but a moderate fog may have interfered with wildlife viewing, notably the California Gray Whales. However, once upon the island and about halfway through the five-mile hike, we saw something that many say is not supposed to be there…




…. A tiny scorpion! Even though disembarking at “Scorpion Anchorage”, no information on any local scorpions is readily available! Also on the tour, and evidence of the ranching era is the collection of ancient farm implements, now part of the island’s cultural heritage, below.


This time, no island foxes were spotted and this was disappointing. However, the Visitor’s Center, at Scorpion Ranch, providing information on history and preservation efforts, was open except for the historic bakery which was closed due to “roosting bats”.



Island Fox

Scorpion Ranch