Antioch Partnership with Open Alternative School Moves Forward

In the last Newsletter, the partnership between Antioch Santa Barbara and the Open Alternative School had just been announced. Now, and thanks to the support of the District and administration at OAS, Antioch has a classroom, four Antioch Teacher Candidates and five Cooperating Teachers. Education Programs Chair Marianne D’Emidio-Caston supervises the teacher candidates and has been involved in every aspect of growing the partnership at OAS into a professional development site. 

Referring to the photos on New MAETC Cohort, Carrie, Noah, Ricardo and Haley are part of the Antioch/OAS professional development team. This team plans to grow too. In the future, interns from Antioch’s clinical psychology programs are expected to serve as counselors. 

On October 9, the Partnership was discussed at the Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Meeting. Several OAS faculty attended and commented positively on the Partnership. So did Antioch faculty AND, so did Superintendent David Cash and other Board members. 

So far, so good it seems for a partnership that has the potential to enrich both OAS and Antioch!