Early Decider Program

Antioch University Santa Barbara’s BA and Graduate Education Departments have perfected a way for local students to earn their BA degree, Masters degree, and teaching credential.  The Early Decider Program allows AUSB BA students to apply and gain provisional acceptance into the Master of Education & Multiple Subject Credential (MEd-TC) program, and register for graduate-level credential courses during their last undergraduate quarter.  Successful completion of that quarter will result in those units credited toward both the BA degree (allowing for BA degree conferral), and the Master of Education & Multiple Subject Credential program requirements.

A student interested in the Early Decider Program should consult with an undergraduate Academic Advisor to design an academic plan that aligns with the Early Decider Program and prepares them for many of the California Multiple Subject Credential requirements.

In addition to submitting a complete admission application to the MEd-TC program, prior to Quarter 1 of the MEd-TC program, the student must have:

  • 20 or less upper-division undergraduate units remaining to complete the BA degree
  • Completed all of the BA degree requirements in general studies, core, and the area of concentration
  • Completed INT 308A – Capstone Seminar
  • Taken and passed the CBEST exam

Full acceptance into the MEd-TC program is contingent upon:

  • BA degree conferral
  • Successful completion of Quarter 1 of MEd-TC coursework
  • Passage of CSET – Multiple Subject exam *Taking the CSET prior to Quarter 1 of the MEd-TC program is strongly recommended.
  • Completion of California’s Multiple Subject Credential Basic Skills requirement

As an Early Decider, the following academic units will be credited toward both the BA degree and the Master of Education & Multiple Subject Credential requirements:

Quarter 1 of the MEd-TC program (Summer)

  • HDV 455 – Child Development & Learning (3 units)
  • HDV 458A – Language Development and Acquisition (3 units)
  • TEP 536 – Foundations of Social Justice Education (4 units)                                            
  • TEP 536A – Foundations of Social Justice Education Lab (1 unit)
  • TEP 537 – Mediation & Conflict Resolution in Schools (3 units)
  • TEP 601A – Social & Legal Dimensions of Special Education (2 units)                            
  • TEP 635 – Research Ethics (1 unit)                                                                                           
  • TEP 505 – Reading Instruction in Elementary Classrooms (3 units)

Total: 20 Quarter Units

*Courses designated here are for the Multiple Subject Credential. A comparable set of courses is available with the same number of quarter units for those who wish to earn the Multiple Subject Credential and the Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Credential simultaneously.

AUSB and AULA, campuses of a one-system university, offer mission consistent options that are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

For more information on the Early Decider Program, please contact Sharisse Estomo, Assistant Director of Admissions at:  sestomo@antioch.edu or 805.962.8179 ext. 5113.