Clear Credential

Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Clear Credential program offers an alternative to induction for teachers who are eligible for induction, but for whom a state approved induction program is not available. The program provides support and assessment for beginning teachers, and meets the California Commission on Teacher Credential (CCTC) requirements for the Clear 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Credential. An individualized approach allows teachers to select areas of professional inquiry and work toward their educational goals. This program allows teachers in non-public, or some nontraditional teaching settings, to clear the credential.

Highlights of our CCTC accredited Clear Credential Certificate program:

  • Three quarters (nine consecutive months)
  • Classes held two or three evenings per month
  • 9 quarter units
  • Flat rate of $3825.00 (prorated each quarter)
CLEAR Credential ProgramTotal Units 9
Fall Quarter(2 Units)
TEP617AA Equity and Access for Special Populations (1)
TEP622A PICO (1)
Winter Quarter(3 Units)
TEP617D Differentiated Instruction for Universal Access (2)
TEP622B PICO (1)
Spring Quarter(4 Units)
TEP531A Enhancing English Language Development with Literature (2)
TEP631A Resilience & the School Community (1)
TEP622C PICO (1)
Total Units 9

2013-2014Clear Credential Program Tuition

2013-2014Clear Credential Program Fees
$100All Students-­General Fee, (technology, electronic library, student activity)
$100Late Registration Fee
$10/$20Transcript/Transcript & assessments
$30Three­‐payment Plan Fee
$25Return Check Fee
$75Late Payment Plan Fee

Financial aid is not available for this program.  To apply, please download the Clear Credential Registration Packet.

For questions about the program or eligibility, please contact Marianne D’Emidio-Caston, Director of Teacher Education,, 805.962.8179 ext. 5327.

AUSB and AULA, campuses of a one-system university, offer mission consistent options that are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.