Professional Pursuits

Competence for Professional Pursuits is an understanding and a disposition that a student builds across the curriculum and co-curriculum, from making simple connections among ideas and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex situations beyond the classroom into a professional field. Students explore the central knowledge, skills, and professional conduct of their chosen field or profession to prepare for engagement in meaningful and socially responsible work. Core competencies include: connections to experience, knowledge of discipline, synthesis, transfer, and professionalism.

Advanced-level indicators are:

  • Meaningfully synthesizes connections among experiences outside of the formal classroom (including life experiences and academic experiences such as internships) to deepen understanding of fields of study and broaden own points of view.
  • Demonstrates sophisticated understanding of the theories/ concepts/frameworks core to the field of study. Demonstrates advanced level competence of skills/practices core to the field of study.
  • Independently creates wholes out of multiple parts (synthesizes) or draws conclusions by combining examples, facts, or theories from more than one field of study or perspective.
  • Adapts and applies, independently, skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies gained in one situation to new situations to solve difficult problems or explore complex issues in original ways.
  • Consistently demonstrates professionalism (e.g., punctual, attentive to detail, considerate) in academic work and conduct.