Why An Antioch BA?

Antioch University Santa Barbara (AUSB) offers all of the benefits of a small, private (not-for-profit) liberal arts college. The AUSB BA programs prepare you for success in both professional careers and graduate schools. Founded in 1852, Antioch University has five campuses across the US and is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). 

Small Classes
We guarantee a maximum of 25 students in our BA program. This allows us to create a positive learning environment where each student can participate and receive ample mentoring from our faculty.

Engaging Faculty
Our faculty are experienced professionals with their own businesses and practices. As such, they are able to blend real-life experience with theoretical knowledge to help you prepare for success in your future career. Some examples are:

  • John Forhan, JD, worked in the White House as part of the Carter administration and teaches courses on public policy, global economics, and ethical issues
  • Dawn Murray, PhD, is a published researcher on the effects of global warming and teaches courses on sustainable business practices, environmental studies, and marine ecology
  • Harold Salas-Kennedy, PhD, has consulted with the Italian government on issues of diversity, culture and immigration and teaches courses on political science, religion and ethnicity
  • Jacqueline Oliveira, MA, is an international consultant working with Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Kodak, and AT&T – she teaches courses on intercultural communication, technology and business

Experiential Learning
AUSB values experiential learning that allows students to “learn by doing” – you will find ample experiential learning opportunities, both in our classrooms as well as out in the community through internships, practica, and independent studies.

Innovative Curriculum
Antioch University has a long history of being at the front of innovation, which means that you gain leading-edge information and skills in your classes to prepare you for professional success.

Purposeful Education
All of your courses will center around six core purposes designed to graduate globally-aware citizens and socially-responsible leaders, and highly marketable graduates: critical and creative thinking, effective communication, global and intercultural awareness, holistic personal development, competence for professional pursuits, and praxis for social justice.

Career Preparation
Students receive training for a variety of professions through our Concentrations. Students receive hands-on experiential in key skills for career success and are mentored by faculty who are successful in their own fields and careers. In addition, students can enroll in our Career Planning course, taught by Lily Maestas, MA, a published expert in career planning.

Convenient and Affordable
Class scheduling is flexible with daytime, evening and weekend seminars and is designed to meet the needs of students with jobs and/or families. Hybrid and online formats further enhance scheduling options for busy students. In addition, students can complete their BA at AUSB for the same cost as attending the University of California or California State University – you get a small, private, liberal arts education for the price of a large, public university.

Community Connections
We regularly collaborate with many local businesses, non-profit organizations, and community programs, around issues of importance to the Santa Barbara area. Students have the opportunity to connect with a variety of community events and leaders through a range of academic experiences including:

Service Learning in the Community with placements at film series on pressing social justice issues, in sponsorship with the SB International Film Festival and The Fund for Santa Barbara lecture series on environmental issues in sponsorship with the SB Museum of Natural History.

Motivated Students
AUSB students are highly motivated and work with the campus to create a positive and engaging learning environment. Students hold themselves and each other to a high standard of participation and support each other in achieving success

Caring Community
We pride ourselves on personal attention and quick response to student needs. Faculty, staff and students collaborate to create a vibrant academic community. In addition, you are assigned an academic advisor who will help you design a schedule that meets your academic and personal needs.