Transfer Students

Antioch University Santa Barbara offers an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts completion program. The program is designed for transfer students who have completed at least 24 semester units of coursework at a community college or a 4-year college or university. Many transfer students come to us to continue the momentum they have built attending community college just prior to transferring to AUSB. Other students may have not been in school for an extended period of time and come to us so they can finish something they started many years ago. We assist all kinds of students and no matter your background you are welcomed at AUSB. The Bridge Program is for all students seeking entry into the BA program, no matter what your background.

Our approach to the applicant as well as to the student is individualized and customized to fit your needs and interests. We are here to assist you not only in the process of applying, but in guiding you to the information you are looking for so please don’t hesitate to contact us.