Liberal Arts

BA in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Liberal Arts

Through AUSB’s core curricula, students explore the central knowledge and skills of their chosen field or profession to prepare for engagement in meaningful and socially responsible work.

Students who prefer to engage in a broad spectrum of studies may choose a Liberal Arts concentration which prepares them to think critically from multiple perspectives and enables them to take responsibility as citizens in an increasingly complex society.

Liberal Arts

AUSB’s Liberal Arts concentration provides an innovative, student-centered approach to education – focusing on the acquisition of key intellectual tools designed to increase personal awareness, foster individual and social creativity, and encourage professional development and socially responsible thought and action.


Recommended Liberal Arts Courses

The following course of study is recommended for the Liberal Arts concentration in order to provide a broad based education across academic disciplines. Please see the BA degree requirements page for additional information.

LBS345 Environmental Studies/Ecology
LBS331 Multiculturalism and American Politics
LBS370B Social Movements
LBS346 Africa in World History
LBS382 Inner Landscape of Art
LBS377A Latino Community in American Society
LBS367 Ethical Issues in Contemporary Society
LBS378 Racism & Sexism in America
LBS339 Personal Journal
LBS332 Varied Visions or
LBS338 Love and Conflict
PSY334 Theories of Learning & Cognition or
PSY340 Theories of Personality or
PSY344 Social Psychology
COM310 Academic Writing or
COM313 Creative Writing or
COM319 Creative Non-Fiction Writing
COM356 Dyadic Communication or
COM358 Group Dynamics or
COM355 Intercultural Communication
MGT368 Principles of Management or
MGT366A Marketing Principles and Applications or
MGT374 Organizational Strategy and Culture