Environmental Studies

As a student within the Environmental Studies concentration, you will be on the forefront of global conservation and environmental efforts, while learning the critical skills necessary to become advocates and eco-citizens. Economic, political, ethical, and social dynamics are all explored in the context of environmental stewardship.

Our approach to learning and teaching is reflective, experiential, and engaging, led by experienced faculty who demonstrate mastery in their professions. We combine academic instruction and hands-on experience to build important intellectual and professional tools centered around six core purposes – Critical Thinking, Diverse Perspectives, Social Justice, Applied Learning, Communication, and Self-Awareness – designed to graduate globally-aware citizens, socially-responsible leaders, and highly marketable graduates. Learn more

Curriculum Overview

The Environmental Studies concentration explores numerous disciplines, including global studies, psychology, business, and multiculturalism, within experiential and engaging coursework.

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Career Opportunities

Just a handful of the broad possibilities:

  • Environmental Advocate
  • Recycling Coordinator
  • Energy or Water Conservationist
  • Eco Systems and Habitat Restoration
  • Outdoor Educator
Antioch University Santa Barbara


Gain insight into the world of environmental health, natural resource conservation, outdoor education, environmental law and regulation, and environmental advocacy.

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Service Learning

AUSB has a relationship with over 100 community organizations that provide service learning opportunities for students. The BA Service Learning requirement is met by completing 40 service hours with an approved non-profit agency.

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Job statistic iconHeightened public interest in environmental issues is expected to create a 15% job growth in career opportunities for environmental scientists and specialists. (Bureau of Labor)

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Graduate School Opportunities

For students looking to continue on into a graduate program, AUSB’s BA-to-Graduate Pathway Program provides a seamless transition from the Environmental Studies concentration into one of several advanced degree options: Master of Business Administration (MBA)Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, or Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD).