Applied Psychology

AUSB’s Applied Psychology concentration prepares tomorrow’s professionals to excel in their field through a theoretical framework and hands-on experience. The need for experts within the mental health industry is rising at a rapid pace, and this concentration opens the door to a career with numerous leadership opportunities.

Our approach to learning and teaching is reflective, experiential, and engaging, led by experienced faculty who demonstrate mastery in their professions. We combine academic instruction and hands-on experience to build important intellectual and professional tools centered around six core purposes – Critical Thinking, Diverse Perspectives, Social Justice, Applied Learning, Communication, and Self-Awareness – designed to graduate globally-aware citizens, socially-responsible leaders, and highly marketable graduates. Learn more

The curriculum you will experience addresses the wide range of sub-disciplines within the psychology field, preparing you for whatever professional direction you choose to take and paying particular attention to diverse communities and practices. Notable focuses of the concentration include:

  • Clinical, developmental, and global psychology
  • Diversity and its role in the practice of psychology
  • Client skills and client advocacy
  • Psychological distress
  • Case management
  • Referral management
  • Applying theory to practice through internships

In addition to the curriculum recommendations, both the Applied Psychology program and the American Psychological Association (APA) recommend taking a variety of liberal arts courses, including:

  • Arts and sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Quantitative studies
  • Courses that focus on gender, ethnic, and racial differences, as well as various forms of disability


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Career Opportunities

Just a handful of the broad possibilities:

  • Case Manager
  • Behavior Therapist
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Child Advocate
  • Human Services Specialist


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Applied Psychology internships have included working with homeless populations, joining community agencies that address addiction, and providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Service Learning

AUSB has a relationship with over 100 community organizations that provide service learning opportunities for students. The BA Service Learning requirement is met by completing 40 service hours with an approved non-profit agency.

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job statistic iconEmployment of Mental Health counselors and marriage/family therapists is expected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022; this is faster than the average for all occupations. (U.S. Department of Labor)

AUSB Applied Psychology

Graduate School Opportunities

AUSB BA to Grad Pathway ProgramAUSB’s BA-to-Grad Pathway Program is the perfect next step for students who wish to practice clinical psychology (MA in Clinical Psychology or PsyD in Clinical Psychology) or pursue advanced leadership positions. Graduates find employment in psychological services within corporate, public, government, and non-profit organizations, as well as psycho-education agencies.

“In my psychology emphasis, I received great groundwork for my future Master’s work; I have a strong kick start with all the general knowledge in my field of interest. And my education helped to put language and legs to my confidence in my current occupation.”

– Jennifer Vogel, BA Applied Psychology and Communications & Media concentrations