Bachelor of Art

Antioch University Santa Barbara’s BA program has seven diverse concentrations.

Our Liberal Studies BA Program develops students into well-rounded, well-informed global citizens with skills to lead meaningful lives – advancing social, economic, and environmental justice.

Applied Psychology

Provides students with knowledge of psychology across multiple sub-disciplines including clinical, community, and developmental.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

Built upon a core of traditional business courses, students develop a broad yet practical understanding of business management strategies and learn the practical skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Child Development & Education

Students gain an understanding of child and adolescent development, family systems, and social context that provides them with the skills and knowledge to become effective caregivers and educators.

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Communication & Media

Provides an interdisciplinary experience that prepares students for careers in communications & media. Students learn the critical role media plays in a global & multicultural society & how to utilize media in all forms: film, print, digital, & electronic.

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Designed to give students the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to use new digital tools and understand marketing elements, such as market-focused culture, customer and competitor analysis, relationship and brand management, and value delivery.

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Environmental Studies

Combining theory and practice, students learn environmental conservation and advocacy, and ecosystem management. Through classroom and field studies, students become global eco-citizens.

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Liberal Arts

Students customize their education by selecting courses across disciplines for knowledge in a wide range of subjects while acquiring 21st century job skills such as communication, collaboration, critical analysis, and creative problem solving.

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Professional & Creative Writing

In the Professional & Creative Writing concentration, you will prepare for a career in multiple genres of writing, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, traditional media, technical and business writing, and new media.

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